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Schmidt's F1 blog: Too many drivers, too little space

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W if things go badly, 2019 two Formula 1 drivers sitting on the road who actually deserve a place. Esteban Ocon and Stoffel Vandoorne are currently without a cockpit for 2019. There is no need to discuss Ocon's qualities. The Frenchman wins the Grand Prix in the right car. Vandoorne isn't as bad as he looks at McLaren at the moment. Fernando Alonso makes everyone who drive in a team with him look bad.

Keyword Alonso: Strictly speaking, there is no place for him in 2019 either. From his point of view, it's understandable that he only wants to drive a winning car. Even guilt if nobody wants him, they will say. Might be. But it doesn't solve the problem. There are only three winning teams in Formula 1. Far too little.

Open 3 teams. And she must now quickly introduce a budget cap so that the differences between the top teams and the rest are smaller. Unfortunately, everything is taking too long again. And the teams are blocking newcomers. The FIA ​​is too weak to enforce rules against the will of those involved and Liberty lacks the Ecclestone gene. He got what he wanted.

An eleventh or twelfth team could depress the value of their own shares, the teams complain. How short-sighted is that. More cars in the field, more teams, more good drivers in the field would only be good for the sport. And in a few years the individual share will be worth more than it is today.

2021 is a golden opportunity. If I were Liberty, I'd give the teams a fait accompli. You have no choice. The danger of a pirate series is zero. The teams alone can't get anything done. This is shown by the dispute over the money that Force India is supposed to receive.


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