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D hat is the crux of Formula 1. Too many are allowed have a say. Sometimes someone has a good idea, and then the others break it down or make it worse. In the end, everything stays the same. Force India had suggested that the teams inform Pirelli 4 weeks in advance which two tire compounds they would choose from the offer for the respective races. The choice of teams would have been announced 3 days before the race.

Pirelli concerns unfounded

Ein simple model that everyone understands. It would have gotten Pirelli talking every Thursday before the Grand Prix. And every now and then it would have mixed up the usual pecking order and made the races a bit more unpredictable. Exactly what Formula 1 needs.

And what happens? First, Pirelli reports concerns. Some could overdo it and, for the sake of the starting position, put a mini stint on super soft tires after the start. That would be bad for Pirelli's image.

Sorry, but that is an unfounded concern. Everyone would understand why the driver is already in the pits after 5 laps. Because he gambled high. That doesn't cast a shadow on the tire manufacturer, at most on the team.

Alternative suggestions too complicated

Then came the other racing teams. According to the motto that nothing can be good that has not been invented within your own four walls, half the field made alternative suggestions. None was as good as the original. Because they were way too complicated.

The little tire episode shows that nothing can come of it if you let teams vote on something. Bet that the Force India idea will be stalled altogether in the end. What should Formula 1 learn from this? Teams can make suggestions, but should not have the right to vote. Only the FIA ​​determines whether the proposal will be included in the regulations.


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