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L Today, something has to change. Formula 1 is ridiculous. It really wasn’t any downpours that broke over Interlagos. We are talking about light continuous rain. There were a few puddles, but by no means what we have seen in many races in the past.

Modern Formula 1 cars shy of water

Nevertheless, the Brazilian GP was behind the safety -Car started and had to be driven behind the safety car for 35. In between, 4 drivers flew pretty hard into the wall. I am not criticizing Charlie Whiting's decisions. You were absolutely correct. The accidents of Kimi Räikkönen and Marcus Ericsson could also have caught the eye.

The problem lies completely elsewhere. With the cars or the tires or the spray or everything together. Although modern vehicles generate much more downforce than their ancestors and ancestors, although the ground clearance was set so high that you could see through under the cars, even though the drive sources take on power like a street engine, at times they became uncontrollable for the best drivers in the world. That is not acceptable.

Whistling concert from the stands

The audience pointed their thumbs down during the second interruption. Quite rightly. The joke is not that this race was abandoned twice, but that it had to be abandoned.

For me, racing cars that you can't drive in the rain are not racing cars. These are fair-weather carriages. An indictment. If you want to give racing with hybrid technology the appearance of being up to date, you should first ensure that you can drive in the rain.


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