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E in Formula 1 field with 12 cars in Melbourne? The premier class was about to. Lotus, Force India and Sauber told Bernie Ecclestone three weeks before the start of the season that it could not go on. It wasn't a boycott threat, it was a bare reality. Of course, in one case or another, the money would have lasted for a while. But then it would have collapsed a few races later.

The timing was well chosen. Ecclestone couldn't react so shortly before the season. Neither with his insane plan to fill the field with 2013 Red Bull with V8 engines, nor with the remaining teams fielding three cars.

The wake-up call has no effect

The request to the Formula 1 boss was intended as the last wake-up call. Because until now the money has not been distributed more fairly, nor are the costs falling. The top teams flatly rejected proposals for savings made by the US management consultancy McKinsey. You would relieve all teams of at least 30 percent.

Ecclestone has for the time being got rid of the problem with advances on the March dividend. But that does not cure the patient. What could have happened in Melbourne is now looming in the third, sixth or tenth race. Definitely at some point.

Ecclestone and the big teams want to buy this time in order to set up a replacement plan. Without the hungry. So it's important that Lotus, Force India and Sauber keep the pressure up. Maybe they should really skip a Grand Prix to bring the ignorant to their senses.

Formula 1 is looking for a solution without ailing teams

With the top teams, you start again with to embrace the three-car idea, although it will initially cost each of those involved at least 20 million euros more. Even worse: Mercedes would lose two engine customers, Ferrari one.

Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Co actually believe that they can sell the third car to sponsors and thus refinance it. I beg your pardon if McLaren-Honda can't even find money for the first and second car from advertisers?

A formula with 3 cars per team would be dead faster than those who now dream of it can imagine. I bet that Formula 1 will slide into its next crisis at the beginning of the European season. And that has nothing to do with the teams that are concerned with survivalfight.

Is the Formula 1 season threatened with collapse?

Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren will be mangle yourself. Why? Because Mercedes will be vastly superior. And because Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren can't afford to lose. They spend too much money on that. A third car multiplies this problem. Because then the entire podium would be occupied by Mercedes drivers.

At Red Bull, the mood is already in the basement. The workforce in Milton Keynes is under immense pressure. The marriage with Renault is broken because the engine manufacturer is blamed for all problems. Ferrari has a few races left. Then it will no longer be enough for the Tifosi that they have shortened the gap to Mercedes. Because it's still so big that you can't win on your own. McLaren-Honda can then no longer argue that the project is still in its infancy.

Then the opponents of Mercedes will again call for new rules, new cars and new engines. And at some point Mercedes will no longer be able to defend itself against it. Because the pressure of the public will be too great if there is another winning streak for the Silver Arrows.

The audience numbers continue to sink, and the TV stations will broadcast SOS. Maybe the troubled teams should just hold out until the time comes. I can well imagine that we will see the collapse this season.


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