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Schmidt's F1 blog on Williams, Mercedes, Bottas and Massa

Schmidt's F1 blog about Bottas and Massa
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M ercedes will not be a replacement before the new year nominate for Nico Rosberg. One thing is clear: if it was to be Pascal Wehrlein in the end, then he was only second choice. Obviously, Mercedes prefer all alternatives, whether possible or not. At the moment everything is concentrated on the question: Valtteri Bottas or Pascal Wehrlein?

Why should Massa be able to motivate herself?

Claire Williams has indicated in an interview with the BBC that one is Bottas would let go if you could get a replacement with experience for it. For example Felipe Massa. Well, nothing against Massa. He was better than Bottas in the final in Abu Dhabi. But Massa has resigned. And the Brazilian has mentally said goodbye to Formula 1 than Jenson Button, who has at least left one back door open. I recall the words with which Massa announced his retirement in Monza: “My position in the World Cup, my performances on the track, the rules, the long time I've been there. It's just time to go. And I want to do it with my head held high. ”

Is someone like that really an equivalent substitute for Bottas? Even if there is $ 10 million on top? Why should Massa now suddenly be able to motivate herself for another year at Williams? If the runner-up world champion of 2008 is an alternative to Bottas from Williams' point of view, then one would have to ask oneself in Grove why Mercedes doesn't take Massa. Apparently, the world championship team has found a pretty clear answer to the question of whether Bottas or Massa.


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