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Schmidt's F1 blog: No autonomous driving, please

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D he McLaren MP4-X is another contribution in the series : This is what the Formula 1 car of the future could look like. Red Bull and Ferrari had started. Somehow all three look really cool. The McLaren with a small smear. I don't like the covered front wheels. But otherwise the study is a feast for the eyes. As always, everything is a matter of taste.

What I don't like at all is what's under it. You could still live with the driver's all-round visibility thanks to cameras. But then it stops. The racing car can automatically read out the brain waves. In this way, the engineers can determine in advance if the driver is getting tired and can no longer call up his best performance. In theory, at some point it should even be possible to control the car just by thinking. Plus active aerodynamics, an active chassis and automatic air pressure adjustment.

Motorsport without a future

Who needs such nonsense? This is not the motorsport of the future, this is motorsport without a future. Autonomous driving doesn't even belong on the road. If you want to be remote controlled, you should get on the train or bus. On the racetrack, the racing car without a driver or a technically optimized racing car has no business. Because that means that the core question of sport is lost. We want to know who can drive the fastest and not who can be remotely controlled the fastest.

The concept of total technical monitoring makes no sense for another reason. The result would be the most boring races imaginable. There could never be an overtaking maneuver. Every car is as good as it is. It's not in bad or good form on the day. Errors are impossible. So the order from start to finish remains the same.

Sport has to go exactly the opposite way. The more potential sources of error, the better. And the biggest element of uncertainty in the game is still the human being. If you want good sport, you have to allow as little technology as possible to support you while driving.


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