Schmidt's F1 blog: Keep the minimum weight!

Most Formula 1 cars are too heavy. Now many teams are begging to raise the minimum weight. Allegedly to save money. Michael Schmidt hopes that the FIA ​​will reject them.

Who would have thought? Formula 1 raises the minimum weight by 43 kilograms, and yet all 2022 cars are too heavy. Some more, some less. Now the howling is great, especially in the ranks of the big teams. They are begging for the minimum weight to be raised from 795 to 800 kilograms. So that the disadvantage compared to those that are less heavy is not so great. So that you don't have to spend extra money to lose weight. In the spirit of the sport, Red Bull said.

In the spirit of the sport, it would be to leave the minimum weight as it is. Firstly because 800 kilograms is a bad signal to the outside world. The cars are way too heavy anyway. You don't necessarily have to smear that on people with the corresponding numbers. Second, because it would be unfair. Those who are closer to the weight limit, like Alfa Romeo and McLaren, have simply done a good job. So why should they be punished for it?

Budget cap prevents high costs

The argument that the big diet is now degenerating into a cost race doesn't work at all. There is a budget cap for that. This prevents exactly that. Now the teams have to weigh up what is more important to them: Less weight or more downforce through an aerodynamic upgrade. The really clever ones will combine one with the other. That was exactly the intention of the cost cap. Efficient solutions are rewarded.

In theory, the teams could approve the application. Before April 30, eight votes are enough to push through a rule change at short notice. At the moment, only Alfa Romeo and McLaren are against it. The FIA ​​has a right of veto. Namely if she had the feeling that one or more teams would be disadvantaged by the measure. This is exactly what happened now.


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