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Schmidt's F1 blog: It's good that there is a radio ban

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W The GP Spain 2016 would be without that Radio ban expired? Like the GP Spain 2015. Two Mercedes would have blown away in front. The duel would have been decided on the starting lap. And behind that, Red Bull and Ferrari would have fought for third place on the podium.

Spanish Grand Prix delivers a lot of good stories

We would not have got the youngest winner of all time, Max Verstappen would probably be not even finished third. Because Red Bull would have acted very differently, it would not have been about victory.

The collision between the Mercedes drivers is bad from Mercedes' point of view. But she was good for sports. Because she made a normally monotonous race to crime. Because it produced a new winner. Because Barcelona produced so many stories that they'll keep Formula 1 talking until the next race. And that's advertising.

I bet the ratings will go up on Sunday, and not just because the Grand Prix is ​​taking place in Monte Carlo. Everyone wants to see if Rosberg and Hamilton go back to the box. Everyone wonders whether Red Bull will be an opponent for Mercedes with the improved Renault engine. And everyone wants to know whether Max Verstappen can repeat his hussar ride.

Rosberg was not allowed to be warned

And why all this? Because we have a radio ban. A year ago, racing engineer Tony Ross would have prayed down the starting procedure for his driver Rosberg while he was on the grid. Rosberg would never have started in the wrong engine mode. And if he did, he would have been warned before the first corner to switch off the SafetyCar mode.

Then full power would have been available in the third corner, and Hamilton would not have been able to do so to attack his teammate. So there would never have been a crash. If things had gone normally, Rosberg would have checked the race after winning the start. It is well known that overtaking on the track is difficult in Barcelona.

The example shows once again that too many tools can be a curse. That the double and triple protection of the teams against mishaps and mistakes robs the sport of its soul. Perfection is boring. It doesn't tell stories. If nothing goes wrong, there is always the same winner. Nobody can want that.


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