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Schmidt's F1 blog: Formula 1 PR at an amateur level

Daniel Reinhard
Schmidt's F1 blog
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P in principle the idea wasn't bad. Jackie Stewart drives his B.R.M. 50 years after his first Grand Prix win. P261 from 1965 around the Monza track. And Shell is celebrating its contract extension with Ferrari on the steep face of the Autodrom.

Jackie Stewart turns round without cameras

But the way the two events were organized, one has to say in retrospect: It doesn't get any worse. Little information was available about Jackie Stewart's drive in his winning Monza car. Where does it start, where does it stop? The lap one hour before qualifying for the Italian GP turned into a chore. Not from Sir Jackie. As always, he tried very hard. But you almost got the impression that the race's master of ceremonies wanted to withhold the appearance.

Many TV teams and photographers were desperately looking for the place where Stewart would complete his lap of honor. In the end, there was only one TV station on site. And the photographers rightly complained that you could hardly take pictures of Stewart with the original helmet and original glasses, his car and the trophy. Because the action was organized like an amateur. The spectators in the stands hardly noticed anything. And that should be top class?

Shell gas station in the steep curve

The action by Shell was even worse . The Mineralöl-Fritzen placed the current Ferrari SF15-T and the Ferrari 166 F2 from 1951 on the steep face and briefly let the driver and team management come by for a photo. A gas station in the background. It couldn't be more lovable and stylish.

Even more without reference to history. Neither car has ever driven on the steep face. Again the organization on site was so bad that there were hardly any reasonable pictures of the presentation. The audience didn't benefit from it. It happened far away from the public.

Monza ideal for cool PR campaigns

If Bernie Ecclestone wants to keep his live audience on the track happy, then he has to offer them a better supporting program . Monza, with its history, is ideal for this. Why not show a parade of earlier winning cars and their drivers in front of a full house on Sunday?

Why not let old Formula 1 cars drive through the steep face again, which were actually there in 1955, Started in 1956, 1960 and 1961?The PR campaign by Mercedes with Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton in April this year showed that it is possible.

Here is a small selection of possible candidates: Mercedes W196, Maserati 250F, the Ferrari models 625, D50 and Dino 246, Lotus 21-Climax, Cooper T53-Climax or BRM P48. I bet no viewer would have regretted their entry fee at such a show. They would all have come back next year.


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