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Schmidt's F1 blog about Red Bull: At the end there is stable management

Schmidt's F1 blog on Red Bull
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K collisions are part of motorsport. Like penalties or red cards in football. Ultimately, they are the result of a duel on the racetrack. And everyone wants to see duels. When everyone is driving one behind the other and waiting to win a place at the pit stop, the fans' feet go to sleep. It is also clear that overtaking maneuvers cannot always run smoothly. The people in the cockpit are not robots. That is why no one will ever watch the autonomous car race. Because everything would be predetermined.

. This is also shown by the history of the Baku crash. That was three near-collisions. Nice for us viewers. Red Bull certainly didn't laugh. And in the end I had to be reproached for not pulling the rip cord earlier. From the team's point of view, the double zero is fatal. Especially since it is the second after Bahrain. That's not how you become world champion against Mercedes and Ferrari.

What will happen? Red Bull will initially let its fighters continue to fight with conditions. Just like Mercedes once did. I just think that Verstappen and Ricciardo won't stick with it for long. Because too much is at stake for them too. In the heat of the moment, it's easy to forget behavior clauses in your contract. I would like to bet that there will be stable management at the very end.


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