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Schmidt's F1 blog about McLaren & Renault
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T im Goss is the first victim of a plan that doesn't rise. That cannot open. McLaren has not yet confirmed rumors, according to long-time chassis project manager Tim Goss. We cannot judge from the outside whether this measure is justified. But the timing of the release speaks volumes. He came after the third race of the season. If that is the benchmark, a few more teams would have to send their technical directors onto the streets. You can wait for the smoke to rise soon at Renault too.

who doubled the workforce and renovated the factory in no time at all. In the last 82 races, the three top teams took 225 of the 242 podium places. That’s no coincidence.

I can say: McLaren and Renault will only catch up with the three top teams when a budget cap is reached and Formula 1 starts from scratch with cars and engines at the same time. Until then, the team bosses will always have to provide their employers with new reasons why the completely exaggerated expectations cannot be met. And if only it is the always working means of a pawn sacrifice. McLaren and Renault have another problem with their ambitious targets. You reduce troubleshooting to yourself. Red Bull shows that you can drive for the title with the same engine.


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