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E s was the word in motorsport last year. Petrol flow rate limitation. It sounds a bit more compact in English. Fuel flow limit. But doesn't make things any better. It is the most superfluous rule in a long time.

Only 100 kilograms of gasoline are allowed to pass the flow rate sensor per hour. The first problem with this regulation is that nobody understands it and therefore has to be explained long and broad. You have already lost once when people are supposed to be interested in something.

Additional action thanks to 1,500 PS

At the same time, the amount of fuel in the race is limited to 100 kilograms. Then why a limit for the flow rate? The FIA ​​says because otherwise the drive units would mobilize 1,500 hp for one lap. So what? How cool would that be?

The engine manufacturers would only rarely allow the drivers to use the super power mode for reasons of durability. Probably for a qualifying round or two at most. Or an overtaking maneuver.

Then Formula 1 would not need the unfortunate DRS. And the attack would come as a surprise because it would not be limited to previously defined areas on the route. The consumption limit in the race ensures that the drivers do not overdo it when calling up the maximum power.

The drivers would then have to mentally prepare for real smoke on the chain, just like in the old turbo days without much preparation . It would be spectacular for the fans and a blessing for the training result. Because there would be one or two surprises.

Motors have to be designed more robustly

The rulers continue to claim that there would be too much engine damage if the horsepower figures were not controlled via the flow rate. That is also not true. Because there are still 4 engines per driver and season. No engine manufacturer voluntarily lets its engines burst. He will make the engines more robust and limit the use of aggressive engine settings.

The more rules, the more loopholes. And this rule literally invites you to cheat. It is a matter of opinion whether someone is in breach of the spirit of the regulations by storing gasoline behind the sensor in order to increase the injection quantity when accelerating.

The flow rate at the measuring point always remains below 100 even with this trick kg /h. What happens afterthe technical inspectors can actually do not care. Then one would also have to forbid anyone blowing gasoline into the atmosphere between the sensor and the injection nozzles.

Now the FIA ​​must make improvements. And the audience doesn't know their way around anymore. You could have saved yourself all that if the rule had never been written.


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