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Sauber loses in court: Van der Garde a security risk?

Clean loses in court
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E s is 2-0 in the case of Giedo van der Garde Clean. After the Dutchman had already successfully fought for his right to work at Sauber before an arbitration tribunal in Geneva, he has now also won the first hearing in a court in Melbourne. Sauber immediately went into revision. After a brief hearing on Wednesday afternoon (March 11, 2015), the appellate judges decided that a final decision would be made on Thursday.

Giedo van der Garde complains about a cockpit at Sauber. Apparently, his test driver contract in 2014 was linked to the promise to be promoted to regular pilot this year. However, Sauber had nominated Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr instead. One can only speculate about the reasons. Both bring sponsorship money with them that will ensure the racing stable's survival for the time being. Rumors speak of a total deposit of 40 million euros. Van der Garde's sponsor McGregor obviously cannot or does not want to keep up with these sums.

Van der Garde does not accept financial compensation from Sauber

But van der Garde has a contract of his own accord. He doesn't want financial compensation, he wants to drive. Either Nasr or Ericsson would have to resign, which would have unforeseeable financial consequences for Sauber. The judgment of the court in Melbourne can therefore have far-reaching consequences, should the appeal be lost.

Team boss Monisha Kaltenborn reacted soberly to the judge's decision: 'We are very disappointed with this decision and now have to face it Take the time to understand the consequences of this decision and evaluate the effects on our start to the season. '

' However, we cannot compromise the safety of our team or other drivers on the track just for the wish of an unprepared The driver, to compete in races for us. And this in a vehicle that was tailored to two other drivers. '

What an agenda is behind the lawsuit?

The argument of the safety risk seems a bit advanced because van der Garde has enough experience to drive a Formula 1 car without test drives. But the Dutchman never sat in the new Sauber C34. There's no seat and you don't know how well it will fit in the new cockpit. In addition, he is not an official Sauber driver for the FIAreported. In addition to Ericsson and Nasr, Ferrari pupil Raffaele Marciello was nominated as test driver.

The team has until Thursday at 4 p.m. local time to register its two drivers for the Australian GP. The appeal hearing begins at 9:30 a.m. Pessimists believe that in the worst case, no one drives. You would have to ask yourself what van der Garde's father-in-law and patron is trying to achieve with his violent action in court.

Quite a few in the paddock believe that the Dutch might be speculating on a collapse of the racing team cheap to incorporate clean. Allegedly they had already announced that they wanted to buy shares in the team. But even in this case, van der Garde would not necessarily be of any help. Taking over a team is a process that can take half a year or more. And then it is still not guaranteed who will take over the racing team.


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