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Sauber doesn't take advantage of the chance: Ericsson just misses points

Cleanly missed opportunity
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I You have been waiting for points for 3 races. In England there were no new meters for Sauber either. Although the chance was great. Because several opponents eliminated each other at the start. And the racing speed in contrast to the training performance was right. In qualifying, Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr were only in 15th and 16th position.

Sixth gear lets Nasr down

But technique and wrong tactical decisions made a good one Result to niece. First it got Nasr. The Brazilian was unable to compete in the ninth F1 race of his career. Because the gearbox went out on the lap of the starting lineup.

'It got stuck in sixth gear,' reported the Formula 1 newcomer. With the help of the marshals, he came back to his crew in the garage. 'Unfortunately, however, we found irreparable damage there,' said Sauber team boss Monisha Kaltenborn. Nasr lamented a missed opportunity: 'We definitely could have scored points today. Some drivers were kicked out on the first lap, then more. And then the rain came too.'

Without Nasr had Clean only Ericsson as a point hope. The Swede benefited from the accident at the start of the third corner, which eliminated two cars, Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado, that started in front of him.

Ericsson one too often in the pits

Although Daniel Ricciardo pushed past Ericsson on the third lap, the former Caterham driver subsequently swam well in 12th place. 'In terms of lap times, I was able to keep up with our immediate rivals.'

After the retirement of Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz, Ericsson was in last place in the points after the 32nd lap. There he stayed until the first rain hit the slope. Like his rival Fernando Alonso, Ericsson switched to intermediates on lap 37. Too early, it turns out. Because the asphalt was only partially covered, the 24-year-old burned his tires.

Sauber was forced to bring the 24-year-old in and put the medium on him in the 41st lap. The change to the dry rubbers turned out to be a mistake. 'We thought that we would close the gap to Alonso in two or three laps. But the rain intensified at the moment when Marcus left the pits', Kaltenborn explained the way of thinkingof strategists. One lap later, Ericsson picked up intermediates again at the fourth stop.

4.236 seconds are missing on a world championship counter

In your opinion, did Sauber give away a golden opportunity to count in England? 'Oh, we've had so many so-called golden opportunities this season. I'm thinking of Malaysia or Bahrain, for example.'


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