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Sainz reinforces the training program: two kilos of extra weight on the helmet

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Carlos Sainz strengthens training program
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T he times are over when pilots after the Get the checkered flag out of the car without shedding a sweat. From the coming season, the drivers in the cockpit will have to work properly again. Thanks to wider tires and higher downforce, cornering speeds and thus also the centrifugal forces increase massively.

Renault newcomer Nico Hülkenberg reported after the first simulator units that the new cars feel 'brutally fast'. He has therefore increased his fitness program by 20 to 30 percent. Over the past few weeks, his driver colleagues have also shared many photos on social networks showing them during intensive strength training.

Carlos Sainz with F1 Crossfit training

Carlos has a special program Sainz made up. The Spanish Toro Rosso driver constantly switches between the fitness room and the kart track. A good two weeks before the start of the winter tests, the hot phase begins. “We have to intensify the physical training significantly. What we did for the past year will no longer be enough in 2017, ”explains the Toro Rosso driver.

In the fitness room, the youngster combines endurance exercises with strength training. “I call it the Formula 1 Crossfit program. I do endurance units with a heart rate of 180 to 190. ”When it comes to building muscle, Sainz mainly focuses on the neck. He hangs weights on his neck in the weight room three to four times a week.

Kart training with weights on the helmet

Sainz has also developed a special preparation program on the kart track. “A year ago I came up with the idea of ​​putting weights on the helmet. That makes it between one and a half and two kilograms heavier. That strengthens the neck muscles and at the same time I can do my driving exercises. I always go to the limit. You never know what's going to happen later in the season. ”

In the gallery, we show you what Carlos Sainz's helmet, covered with wheel balancing weights (steel), looks like and what exercises he does in the weight room completed exactly.


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