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Sainz criticizes the stable management: & # 34; I now know what makes Max tick & # 34;

Sainz criticizes stable management
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M ax Verstappen was the big winner in Singapore. At first the 17-year-old Dutchman refuses to obey his team's stable direction, then he also receives praise from his team boss and scores 4 points for eighth place. Teammate Carlos Sainz landed one place behind him.

The refusal to announce earned Verstappen a lot of respect in the circus. Tenor: 'Pretty cool, the guy.' In retrospect, the child prodigy put his decision into perspective: 'If I had been better informed on the radio, it might have been a different story.'

The incident did not affect the working atmosphere. 'Everything is the same between Carlos and me,' said Verstappen. Sainz has also filed the incident. 'Everything has been discussed.' With the team. Verstappen and Sainz have not yet discussed the Singapore affair.

Sainz is first a team player

Sainz feels a bit betrayed by the failed stable management. 'My tires were 4 laps fresher than Max. 17 laps before the end, my race engineer said that I should now take 10 laps off the tires. It would pay off in the end. Then I got the order to catch up, and actually I did expects that I should get my chance to attack Perez, but nothing happened and we all know why. '

The 21-year-old Spaniard has a fundamentally different attitude towards stable management than his stable rival. 'You have to think of yourself to a certain extent. But in the long run it is better that you listen to your team. I am a team player first because they have brought me to where I am today. When I turn my back on my team, I'll get a problem at some point. The moment has not yet come when I just looked at myself. '

Sainz lets Verstappen pass twice

The lesson:' I now know what makes Max tick. And to be honest: I expected it to be like that. ' The influence of their fathers is as varied as the reaction of the Toro Rosso Juniors on the racetrack. 'My dad would have kicked me in the balls if I gave in,' said Verstappen. Sainz smiles mildly: 'My father wouldn't step on me anywhere. He lets me mature without pressure.' The former world rally champion Sainz senior is a gentleman.

Apparently the son too.Sainz reveals that he has already acted for the team twice this season. 'In the last stint in Malaysia I let Max pass. The world celebrated his great overtaking maneuver. The same in Monte Carlo. He was on the soft tires and I made room. I kept my end of the bargain.'

Last year's champion of the Renault world series therefore has little understanding for Verstappen's excuse that the Singapore plan would not have been explained to him on the radio. 'If he wasn't sure what was going to happen, I would understand. But we often had discussions about this constellation beforehand. He should have known.'


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