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Safety car problems in Singapore: Di Grassi calls for new rules

Safety car problems in Singapore
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L ucas di Grassi poked around in his team's pavilion around a bowl of noodles when a scene was hotly debated in the rest of the paddock that could cost Lewis Hamilton the world championship. And di Grassi was right in the middle of it all.

Di Grassi brakes Webber

In the second safety car phase, which was triggered by Kamui Kobayashi's accident, the two lapped Virgin by Timo Glock and hung Lucas di Grassi in the middle of the crowd of superstars. In front Alonso and Vettel, behind them Webber and Hamilton.

At the restart, the World Cup candidates Webber and Hamilton wanted to pass the two obstacles as quickly as possible. While Glock moved to the side, his team-mate drove to turn five, the battle line. 'Timo made room,' said Webber, 'but this Di Grassi was dreaming. I was squeezed in behind him and I could literally feel Lewis in my back as he wanted to attack me.'

Di Grassi defended himself: 'Timo and I fought for a place ourselves. It is not so easy to look at your opponent and in the mirror at the same time. Every corner someone wants to pass you. I cannot just Dodging from the line down to the dirt. By the time I have driven the tires clean again, it takes two laps in which I lose two to three seconds. '

Revive the old rule

Di Grassi does not want to blame the collision between Webber and Hamilton, even though he was sitting in the first row in the middle: 'I would say it was a normal racing accident. But I did not see it exactly because I was with I had to do myself. Cars continued to fly in from behind. '

Di Grassi lands in 15th place in Singapore

For Di Grassi, the Singapore GP ended at least with a sense of achievement. As 15th he was the best placed pilot of the new teams. For him it was the second best result after the Malaysia GP, where he finished 14th. The Virgin pilot benefitedfrom the failure of Heikki Kovalainen, with whom he had fought for a while. The duo blew up the second safety car. 'It came out right between Heikki and me. Heikki was able to make up one lap, I lost a lap.'

After all, Virgin was an opponent for Lotus in Singapore. 'The facelift has paid off, although we only had 50 percent of it on board in Singapore. The rest will come in Suzuka. Then we should have a chance against Lotus.'


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