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Rubens Barrichello anniversary: ​​& # 34; You have to dream of the impossible & # 34;

Rubens Barrichello celebrates anniversary
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M with a big grin on your face and a big '300' Rubens Barrichello walked through the paddock of Spa on Thursday (August 26th) on the T-shirt. The record man is celebrating another milestone in his career in Belgium. 300 grands prix - no other driver can boast so many Formula 1 races. Also by the fact that, according to the exact statistics, there are only 298 starts in the premier class, the Williams driver did not let the good mood dispel.

'I feel great. I'm in better shape today than at the age of 18, 'reports the 38-year-old proudly. His fever for Formula 1 is unbroken. 'In the past, the summer break couldn't be long enough for me. Today I miss driving after just a week. That scared my wife too. She thinks I'll drive forever.'

Barrichello's career isn't over yet in sight

There is still no end in sight. Barrichello is having fun and is in the shape of his life. The Williams team management praises the long-running favorite from Sao Paulo at every opportunity for its qualities in the further development of the car. And on the track, too, the old hand has lost none of his speed, which Nico Hülkenberg had to experience more than once this season.

'I have learned something new every season and always made a step forward' explains the Brazilian. No trace of physical problems. 'My body has got used to driving a car. I often had back pain in the past. They're gone now. I feel like I could drive a few more years. But maybe things will go down at 40. You don't know.'

No thoughts of resignation

Barrichello doesn't want to prolong his career unnecessarily. 'I never thought about stepping back. But I'm so honest with myself that I break up immediately when I notice that it doesn't feel like it did before.'

In the time I was off the race Barrichello had another opportunity to review his career. 'I dubbed my old video cassettes on DVD. I watched old races until five in the morning. My wife and children slept by then. It was particularly fun to see the pictures from Formula 3, Formula Ford and again Formula 3000. '

Barrichello:' I have no regrets. '

Since the beginninga lot has changed in his career. According to his own information, Barrichello has become a calmer person. 'I have a different attitude now. I no longer live in the past but in the present.' On his anniversary he looks back one more time: 'I have no regrets in my career. Not even my time at Ferrari. I learned something everywhere and had a good time with every team.'

On his goals Nothing has changed over the years: 'Even if that sounds utopian to some: I still want to become world champion. That was always my dream. My motto is that you also have to dream of the impossible.' Barrichello had one of the best chances for the title at Ferrari. But with a Michael Schumacher on the same team, Rubinho was mostly just the number two role. 'It would be too easy to say that I would have become world champion in the team had other conditions', the Brazilian honestly admits.

Opinion about Barrichello has changed

In In his native Brazil, Barrichello had to take a lot of criticism for accepting his role as number two behind Schumi. In the meantime the picture has changed. 'I have explained this to my compatriots openly and honestly. The opinion has now changed. I am now receiving a lot more recognition.'


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