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Rubens Barrichello: & # 34; That was a pole lap & # 34;

Rubens Barrichello
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I n a Williams, the demands have become modest. Starting position twelve is already a success. Rubens Barrichello was only three tenths short of making the top ten. Nevertheless, the 39-year-old Brazilian was satisfied with his qualifying lap: 'That was a pole position lap. You can't get more out of this car.'

Barrichello tried the used sentence after one Cooling-off phase again, also undercut his own best time in the first sector, but finally had to break off. 'I put a little more power on the first sector from my KERS supply. But in the fourth corner I already felt that the grip of the tires was decreasing.'

Barrichello loves the rain

In twelfth place, the Williams driver has a realistic chance of scoring points. On a dry track, there is the greatest risk that the rear tires will fly around his ears. The good top speed shows that the Williams FW33 is at the limit with the downforce. 'So I shouldn't be hoping for a rain race, but I love driving in the rain.' Points are not completely hopeless, even on a wet track. Barrichello took two of the four points this season at the rainy Canadian Grand Prix.

The oldie fended off questions about what his possibly last final training session felt like. His 323rd GP start should not have been his last. 'Today I showed that I still have the speed, the experience and the motivation.' Then he made a plea for himself: 'A lot will change at Williams next year. A new engine, new people in the team. At least the drivers should be a constant.'

Rubinho takes all five Phones with

Barrichello knows this kind of hanging game. In the winter of 2008/2009 he was almost out of business. The Brazilian had to wait until February for the redeeming call from Ross Brawn. 'This time it won't take that long,' the man from Sao Paulo is convinced. 'Because I've been through everything before, I'll be relaxed for the next few weeks. I will take my five phones with me wherever I go and wait for a call. Anyone who is interested in me can reach me at any time.'

Felipe Massa's advice to resign with dignity and not to look for sponsorship money is dismissed by Barrichello: 'I know Felipe means well with me. But I don't see anything dishonorable about trying to get moneyto find. Up to now nobody has asked me whether I will bring money or not. I also don't think that the dowry is the decisive factor. '

Barrichello deserves the cockpit

The colleagues cannot imagine a future without Barrichello.' Rubens is part of the inventory of the Formula 1. He loves what he does, you can literally feel his enthusiasm. Age doesn't matter to him, 'said Sebastian Vettel Rosen. Jenson Button agreed:' Rubens deserves a cockpit. '

And Mark Webber is also committed to the longest-serving driver in the business:' Rubens is an integral part of our sport. It had its ups and downs and is still part of our circus. Now he's fighting his toughest fight. Finding the right moment to quit is one of the greatest challenges. '

For his part, Webber cannot imagine driving Formula 1 for 20 years.' I would have ten years to go . I'm afraid that at 45 I don't look sexy enough for Formula 1 anymore. '


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