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Rosberg's plan for the world title: & # 34; Hold up pressure on Lewis & # 34;

Rosberg's plan for the world title
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D he eleventh pole position of the year was the most important. But Nico Rosberg can't buy anything for his title of world training champion. 'It was a small step on a long way,' commented the German on the first victory over his team-mate. 'Today it was all about pole. Tomorrow it will be about the world championship.' Not only the lead of 0.386 seconds made Rosberg optimistic. Also the fact that Hamilton made two mistakes at the crucial moment. A brake in turn 1, a lateral stay in turn 20.

Rosberg also built a mistake. But it wasn't about anything yet. In the first attempt in the second knockout round, the challenger sailed into the run-off zone at the end of the straight. 'I pressed the wrong button,' admitted the blond and specified: 'I went too far with the brake balance.' Hamilton now hopes that this slip will play into his cards in the first stint: 'This means that Nico has one lap more on the first set of tires than me.'

Rosberg calculates the mistakes for Hamilton

After qualifying, the Mercedes drivers calculated their blackouts. Rosberg was the more active part. The World Cup runner-up knows that he will need outside help on Sunday. If everything goes normally, Hamilton takes second place with his left hand. But things don't always go normally. Rosberg doesn't want to talk about the defect devil: “I don't want to become world champion like this.”

Rosberg pursues a different tactic: “I have to keep up the pressure on Lewis so that he keeps making mistakes. He spun in Brazil . It looks like he showed his nerve today, and I hope that will be the same tomorrow. ' Hamilton replied coldly: 'I don't pay any attention to Nico's sayings.'

Maybe I did. In the press conference, the loser of the last qualification was more monosyllabic than it has been for a long time. Most recently, he laughed away at training defeats. Not this time. 'The car was fantastic. I just didn't have any clean laps,' said Hamilton in Raikkonen style.

Rosberg hopes for the help of Williams

Later at the internal Mercedes press lap he was World Cup favorite a little more talkative. He admitted that he is not a driver who drives on arrival or result. Nonetheless, he admitted: 'I have some kind of plan in mind, how I will react under what circumstances.'

Rosberg hopes for the help of the Williams. 'If there's a Williams before Lewispushes, he only overtakes them at the pit stop. In the second free practice session, I tested how you could overtake here and drove a few laps behind Kimi. It is impossible. And a Ferrari is not as strong on the straights as a Williams. '

When asked whether he would dig deep into his bag of tricks in an emergency and slow Hamilton so that it could fall into the hands of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa falls, Rosberg didn't want to answer. 'I'll keep that to myself.'

He wouldn't be well advised. This number went terribly wrong in Suzuka in 1997. Jacques Villeneuve slowed the whole field in hoping one overtook his World Cup opponent Michael Schumacher, but in the end he tricked himself because Schumacher's team-mate Eddie Irvine slipped through him.

Rosberg surprised Lauda

Niki Lauda was full of praise for the fastest in training: 'I prefer my cap to Nico. You have to manage such a lap under the pressure first. He drove two dream laps with absolutely no flaws. 'By the way: With his time of 1.40.480 minutes, Rosberg was 0.050 seconds faster than Mark Webber on his pole position lap last year.

Lauda sees none in the training result Preliminary decision: 'Nico will sleep well, Lewis badly. But tomorrow everything starts all over again for Lewis. No damage has occurred yet. The two will press the reset teaste, and tomorrow it will start all over again. I expect Nico to take the lead from Lewis at the start. And then it will be a long race for both of them. 'This time, Hamilton contradicted his mentor:' I will sleep well today. Just like before my other final races. '


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