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Rosberg warns of Vettel: & # 34; Have to keep an eye on Ferrari & # 34;

Stefan Baldauf
Rosberg warns of Vettel
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K one person has torn down more kilometers than Nico Rosberg. Not even in the beginning. The vice world champion covered a total of 308 laps in his two outings in the Formula 1 winter test drives in Jerez. Far more than 4 racing distances. Expressed in kilometers, it adds up to 1,363. That roughly corresponds to the distance between Munich and Barcelona.

Rosberg finished test day in third place

At the end of the third test day, Rosberg finished third, just like on Sunday. He was 0.437 seconds behind the top. But the focus at Mercedes is not on lap times. The world championship team wants to scrub kilometers in Jerez to improve reliability. 'Our main focus is stability. All the problems we discover here in Jerez can still be easily solved for us by the start of the season. From Barcelona it will be more difficult,' explains the vice world champion.

It ran smoothly the test day for the Wahlmonegassen does not stop. At 12:55 p.m., shortly before the test half-time, the electronics of his Mercedes AMG W06 stopped him. 'The electronics saw something on the engine that they didn't like,' reported technology boss Paddy Lowe. As a precaution, she turned the tap on the V6 turbo. Rosberg also spoke of a gasoline problem at his press round. In addition, there were small difficulties with the telemetry transmission from the car to the pits during the day. 'And a few more little things.'

New Mercedes engine not yet perfect

Especially on the late afternoon, Mercedes experimented with FloViz paint on various parts of the car. The engineers want to use this to reflect the air flow around the car. But there were no new parts on the racer, said Rosberg.

His racing car in Jerez already has the 2015 engine specification in the rear. Under the direction of engine boss Andy Cowell, Mercedes has put a new engine on the keel ( technology-report ). It should be between 20 and 40 hp more powerful than the previous year's model. 'The engine is not running as smoothly as last year. We still have to find the right settings. For example, it still jerks a little when accelerating out,' says Rosberg.

He has had it from the competition so farFerrari is particularly convincing. Sebastian Vettel's time yesterday (1: 20.984 minutes) was an 'eye opener', 'because it was just good'. So Mercedes must keep an eye on Ferrari. 'But we are still confident about the start of the season.'

Rosberg is sad that the German Grand Prix is ​​still on the brink. 'The German Grand Prix, like the British, is one of the legendary races. Germany has to be a fundamental part of the calendar. I am disappointed that the Grand Prix is ​​not yet firmly on the calendar. Germany has a great Formula 1 tradition and simply belongs in the calendar. '


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