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Rosberg sees red danger: does Vettel cause a strategy dispute?

Rosberg sees red danger
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N ico Rosberg wasn't sure whether he was interested in the Vettel victory in Sepang should be happy or annoyed. 'Of course he helped me because I only lost 3 points to my team-mate. But it came as a shock for the team. We didn't expect that. That was a wake-up call and a fresh impulse for the whole team.' /p>

Rosberg starts with 2 defeats

With a second and a third place, the season opener in Rosberg did not go as planned . But the vice world champion sees it positively: 'I'm only 10 points behind the championship leader. And there are still tons of points to be awarded. There is no need to panic. In the end, other factors such as consistency can play an important role . '

However, Rosberg also admits that expectations have increased with the successes of the past season. Second and third places now feel like defeat. 'You adapt quickly. For us, only victories count now.'

These victories could not be as easy to celebrate as they were in 2014. The Mercedes engineers have calculated that Ferrari is especially in Things racing pace is on par. In Malaysia there was also an unfortunate strategy. 'We had decided on this tactic beforehand and carried out the plan,' said Rosberg. 'Today we might have decided differently. It was especially annoying for me because I had to wait as the second car at the pit stop. If I had stayed outside, I might have been fighting for victory.'

Ferrari forces Mercedes into strategy trouble

But when in doubt, the Mercedes engineers have always decided to give both drivers the same strategy. That could change. 'If Ferrari continues to put us under pressure, it could happen more often that we use different strategies to secure the team victory,' admits Rosberg. But two drivers with different strategies always means trouble. One of the two always gets the worse tactic.

'Of course that's not good from the pilot's point of view. But the first driver doesn't get the wrong strategy on purpose. But sometimes the theoretically worse strategy turns out to be the better one, 'says Rosberg. In addition, both Mercedes drivers threaten with different strategies on the trackto meet. That last led to stunk at the Hungarian GP in 2014.

In China, the Mercedes tacticians don't have to ponder too much. Everything indicates that Mercedes is clearly dictating the pace again. Rosberg is self-confident: 'I expect that we will be stronger here again. The layout of the track will help us. The front tires are under great pressure here. That suits us.' The cool temperatures and a slightly larger update package also speak for Mercedes. 'The new front wing looks fast, doesn't it?' Grins Rosberg.


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