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Rosberg and Hamilton before the World Cup showdown in Abu Dhabi

Rosberg and Hamilton before World Cup showdown in Abu Dhabi
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L ewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had the stage all to themselves on Thursday (November 24, 2016). The two title contenders had to take a stand at the official FIA press conference. The media representatives were shown right at the beginning of the round how icy the mood in the Silberpfeil team is. Rosberg and Hamilton should pose with a handshake for the photographers. But then the World Cup candidates stood stiffly as two tin soldiers side by side.

To break the ice, both pilots were asked which of the other's performances this year were particularly impressive. But both found it difficult to find positive words about their stable rivals: 'He was always a tough competitor, but that was clear beforehand,' said Rosberg in monosyllables. Hamilton replied: “Nico was fast on many tracks. There is probably no race that stands out. '


Rosberg has changed

Hamilton also told again how the relationship between the two drivers worsened over time:' When we were little we got along well. We just had fun. We played the Playstation, rode a unicycle. We had a lot in common. We loved pizza and ate Kellog's frosties. We just did crazy things, like motorcycle trips. I still do these things today, but Nico has changed. He's just focused on himself now. '

Then Hamilton also had a few nice words about his old kart buddy:' I think we handled the whole thing well. I am happy for him and his family. I'm proud of how he drove this year and in general it's a pleasure to have him as a team-mate. ”Then Rosberg also won praise from his stable rivals:“ We have had a lot of respect in karting since the old days in front of each other. That is the basis that has brought us through difficult moments. I think we made progress. The relationship is neutral. But the circumstances are also difficult. ”


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