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Romain Grosjean makes debut in Lotus: & # 34; I'm a happy driver & # 34;

Stefan Baldauf
Romain Grosjean makes debut at Lotus
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R omain Grosjean can laugh again. The Frenchman's facial expression alone showed how the new Lotus E23 feels for the 2015 season: 'I did 53 laps and enjoyed every single one of them,' beamed the 28-year-old. 'We certainly still have to work on the setup and there are still a few new parts to come for Barcelona, ​​but it was a very good starting point.'

Lotus E23 does 190 laps in 3 days

The good mood couldn't be spoiled by a drive problem either. The necessary engine change ended Grosjeans day at halftime. In total, the new Lotus does 190 laps in 3 days. More than expected.

'We knew it was going to be tight this week. All parts were finished at the same time. It was a nice surprise that everything worked so well straight away. The car is only just now was flown here on Sunday. On Monday it drove on the track and worked well ', so Grosjeans praised his engineers.

Except for a small stuttering start when driving off the garage for the first time in the morning the feeling in the cockpit. No comparison to last year's bitchy car: 'We were able to do longer runs between 10 and 15 laps. Everything felt good. The engine and the chassis respond well. The driving behavior is much more predictable. We also have a step behind with brake-by-wire Made in front. I'm a happy driver. '

Weaknesses from 2014 removed

It seems like it can you tick off the messed up 2014 season as a slip-up: 'The characteristics feel more like the car from 2013 than the one from 2014. That was what we wanted. We were able to eradicate or reduce most of the weaknesses from the previous year. I firmly believe that we can get back into the points. '

Grosjean only has to get used to the new Mercedes engine in the Lotus. 'The noise in the car sounds very different from the Renault. The downshift is still not as clearly recognizable as with the old V8 engines. In some bends, one wonders whether the engine is still running. But generally they seem new engines to be louder than last year. At least that's how it sounds from the outside. That's positive. '


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