Romain Grosjean: Broken front wing at HaasF1

Broken front wing at HaasF1
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D this is not a normal new team. HaasF1 started his Formula 1 adventure as if the US team had never done anything else. After 12 laps Romain Grosjean was in the middle of the Toro Rosso, Force India, Sauber and McLaren with 1.28.399 minutes. Then came the ominous 13th round. At just over 320 km /h, the front wing of the HaasF1 VF-16 splintered into 1,000 pieces.

Grosjean experienced his first moment of shock: 'Suddenly the front of the car went up and the steering became very easy. I had to wait first until the front wheels landed again. Then I let the car roll out. Only then did I notice that the front wing was missing. ' Teammate Esteban Gutierrez was an eyewitness to the incident. He was standing on the edge of the track before the first corner. The Mexican got a bigger shock than his driving teammate.

Daniel Reinhard
The wing and straps were broken off at the base of the nose.

Haas F1 in the afternoon with speed limit

The wing and the straps broke off at the base of the nose . You felt reminded of Nico H├╝lkenberg's accident in Hungary last year. Grosjean is supposed to leave again in the afternoon. With a top seed limit. 'New parts for the wing fastening are already on the way,' explained team boss Guenther Steiner.

At 8:30 a.m., the plane lands with a reinforced component. The upgrade variant should be used in the morning. Before that, the speed limit was 300 km /h. And the ban on driving the curbs too hard. Except for the front wing incident, Steiner was able to draw a positive conclusion: 'Everything was fine. The temperatures, the chassis setup, the pressures.'

ThatThe problem with the leak in the gasoline system that occurred while filming on Saturday was quickly resolved. The HaasF1 was able to drive again on Sunday. Grosjean was also positive: 'The team is brand new, but you can tell that there is a lot of experience in it. In terms of technology and people.' Grosjean admits that it was a special moment for him too, having driven the first few kilometers in the US car. 'I drove to the track at 6:30 am today because I knew: Today would be a special day.'


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