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Robert Kubica: Inaugural visit to Renault F1 in Enstone

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No finished car yet, still no teammate in sight and only two weeks until the first test in Valencia - Robert Kubica can do it all but do not get scared. 'So far, things have been going really well. The team at the factory gave me a warm welcome. I've already developed a good relationship with my engineers and we talk on the phone every week because I want to know as much as possible about the new car.' , reports the Pole about his successful team change from BMW -Clean to R enault .

Long winter without a car

While most other teams would like to have a little more time to develop the car, things cannot start fast enough for Kubica. 'The only difficulty is that I don't have the patience to wait until the first test. It was a long winter without a car. Valencia can't come early enough for me.'

As a small appetizer After all, the Cracow man was allowed to take a seat in the cockpit. For the seat adjustment, however, the engineers had only prepared a model of the safety cell of the new Renault R30. Nevertheless, Kubica was satisfied afterwards. 'We tested the dimensions and took the measurements so that I would feel comfortable in the car.' At 1.84 meters, the 24-year-old is one of the taller F1 drivers. 'There are still a few small changes to be made. But there are no major problems.'

Inspection of the new team

During his flying visit there was also the first opportunity for Kubica to speak to his new team boss Eric Boullier. He was informed about the latest progress. The wind tunnel and the production of carbon parts were also examined carefully. 'The whole area has become bigger and there are more facilities such as the CFD center. That was very impressive and will play an important role in the development of this year's car.'

Before the first test in Valencia finally gets serious, Kubica treats herself to a little excursion into the rally scene. The F1 star will take part in the famous Monte Carlo Rally with a Renault Clio R3.


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