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Riddle to Mercedes update: the secret of the pseudo-S-shaft

Mystery of the Mercedes update
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E a dent on the Mercedes would have been on the Thursday before the GP Brazil Lewis Hamilton nearly stole the show. The bulge was suddenly as important as the world champion's mysterious car accident in Monte Carlo. The first photos of the Mercedes with the bump on the chassis were quickly circulated in the technology forums on the Internet.

An air inlet below, an outlet above: many people quickly realized that. Mercedes tries an S-Duct. In other words, a shaft between the nose and the chassis, which takes in air under the nose and exits through a hatch in front of the cockpit.

The team did not deny it and thus fueled speculation. Mercedes is happy that the Formula 1 community was led astray. The S-Duct just looks like it is one. But it isn't.

Mercedes is testing for a new chassis in 2016

The rules do not even allow it. For the introduction of an S-shaft, Mercedes would have needed a crash test for the nose because it changes the structure of the nose. But Mercedes was not in the crash test. The aerodynamic concept of the car works without the S-Duct.

With the attachment, Mercedes is testing a development for 2016. The Mercedes drivers will be sitting differently in the car next year. The chassis will be a little higher in the front area. With the bump, Mercedes not only wants to test whether the driver's view is impaired, but also how the flow changes around the cockpit towards the rear. In the first training session, Nico Rosberg was wearing FloViz paint on his nose. From the way in which the viscous liquid is distributed in the air flow, the engineers can draw conclusions about the effects on the aerodynamics.

In our gallery we show some detailed pictures of the suspicious bump on the nose.


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