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Ricciardo starts from behind: Red Bull tests C version engine

Ricciardo starts from behind
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M onza is generally not a good place for Red Bull because the long straights are not necessarily one of the strengths of the RB14. For Daniel Ricciardo it will be even more difficult in Italy because he has to accept an unscheduled engine change and thus starts from behind. Nico Hülkenberg keeps him company there, who, in addition to his starting place penalty due to the collision in Spa, also gets ten places because of an engine change to the B version of the Renault engine.

Ricciardo hopes to gain time

Ricciardo will test drive the new unit during practice. Depending on how the experiment goes, Max Verstappen will also get the engine on board on Saturday. For the Dutchman, however, this would not have any major effects, because he has not yet exceeded the engine limit of three units in the season.

Renault stays with B-Version

In the case of Ricciardo the team made the decision to accept the disadvantage in Monza. “I didn't disagree,” says Ricciardo. 'Even if I would have liked to be further ahead.' Nevertheless, the professional optimist does not give up hope of a good placement. 'I hope for a crazy race,' says the sunny boy. “Then maybe there is a podium.”

The question mark behind the C version remains why Renault itself does not use this further development immediately. In fact, it is too much effort for the French to convert the car specifically for the new heart - cooling is the issue. If cooling elements have to be moved under the cladding, the internal flow can also suffer.

On the one hand there is a lot of risk in it, on the other hand you have to take every counter with you in the fight with Haas F1 and therefore you may think more about safety. 'As far as reliability is concerned, I'm not worried about it yet,' says Ricciardo. “For that I have to have driven the engine first. I just hope he's better. ”

Verstappen doesn't see himself as a team leader

Ricciardo has to be careful what he says, after all, it's about his future teamEmployer. His surprising move to the works team is still an issue in Italy. Apparently all team members, from mechanics to engineers, treat him with respect. “That wasn't personal either,” he says. “Everyone changes.”

The Australian's place at Red Bull in 2019 will be taken by Pierre Gasly. An opportunity for Max Verstappen, who ultimately has more experience with the team and overall in Formula 1, to take on the role of chief - especially where Honda is joining as a new partner? “No, I don't have to be a team leader,” says the Dutchman dryly. “I look at myself, not my teammates.”


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