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Ricciardo on Renault's end: & # 34; The main thing is better than now & # 34;

Ricciardo happy about the end of Renault
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T he Grand Prix of Singapore is the race of the chassis -Fraction. The engine only plays a subordinate role on the angled street circuit. Because the drivers are on the brakes 24 percent of the lap time, the electric motor reliably delivers power over the entire lap. The teams, normally left in the lurch by their engine, therefore see their great opportunity. And those are Red Bull, Toro Rosso and McLaren.

Red Bull will beat the indomitable Mercedes with Ferrari for second place. Daniel Ricciardo predicts a tough fight. 'Here we drive with maximum downforce. That usually suits us.' For the Australian, the night race through the city is the second home Grand Prix. 'There are always a lot of Aussies coming here.'

A better chassis doesn't catch up with 1.5 seconds

Last year's third place in the World Cup stood on the podium only once this year. Singapore is one of the few opportunities in the remaining program to increase that number. Ricciardo is secretly happy that the Renault era for Red Bull is coming to an end. 'I don't care which engine we get next year. The main thing is better.'

Officially, the marriage is not yet divorced, but since Renault President Carlos Ghosn announced the separation at the IAA, people have dared Talking carefully about the future at Red Bull.

When asked whether Ferrari or Mercedes engines will continue, the three-time GP winner does not want to be pinned down. 'The important thing is that we are able to be at the front again. I want to be on the podium more often in 2016 than this year.'

But he also knows that he will probably need a Mercedes engine to win Ricciardo. 'If it were a Ferrari, then we are definitely in a better position than this year. Where the difference to Mercedes is one and a half seconds, it would be naive to believe that a better chassis closes this gap. Especially because you nobody can say whether the more power there will be new problems with the car. '


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