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Ricciardo lapped by Mercedes: Red Bull threatens to resign

Ricciardo lapped by Mercedes
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S o Red Bull hasn't been beaten for a long time. Daniel Ricciardo finished 6th in his home game. Lapped by the victorious Mercedes, defeated by Sauber. The second car with Daniil Kvyat broke down on the drive to the starting position with a gearbox failure. Understandably, the house blessing hung crooked in the Red Bull camp.

The first trouble hit engine partner Renault. Daniel Ricciardo struggled with a power source that gave its power at random. 'When accelerating, there is first a lot of power, then a stutter, then power again and nothing at all at the back,' said team boss Christian Horner, describing his driver's ordeal. 'The bad thing about it is that every lap is different. The driver can hardly adjust to it. And that kills the tires too.'

Defeat against Sauber hurts

That one too Kvyat transmission damage could be the result of the engine problems. The constant misfires put a strain on the drive train. Fifth gear broke at Kvyat. The Toro Rosso drivers also had to shiver. Damaged claws were discovered during a gearbox check.

Red Bull has reluctantly accepted that Mercedes is leading the way. The defeat against Sauber with a Ferrari engine hurt, however. 'They drive with wings from last year. Our new chassis is half a second better. The engine makes the difference,' barked Horner.

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko followed suit. Words like 'unacceptable' made the rounds. 'To be able to drive at all, we have to start with 80 to 100 hp less power. Clean drives us up and away on the straight.' Marko explains the step backwards since the test drives as follows: 'The software problems came with the improvement of the engine.'

Is the cost correct /Benefit calculation still?

Renault engine boss Rob White snuck out of the paddock like a beaten dog before the start of the race. He flew back to Paris early. At Red Bull and Renault there is now a fire under the roof.

Structures and responsibilities will change in the next few weeks. Red Bull takes on the programming of the energy management. The test bench tests will run exclusively at AVL in Graz from the 19th week. Then Ilmor's development work on the cylinder head is also checked from a neutral side.

But Red Bull is also mad at thatRegulations. In the opinion of the former subscription world champions, it is the reason for monotonous races. 'Two cars are driving lonely in the front and there is no overtaking behind them,' criticized Marko. Horner called on the FIA ​​to do something to restore the balance between the teams.

Technical director Adrian Newey is annoyed that everything was done to break it in the times of Red Bull dominance. 'We were constantly banned from ideas in order to slow us down. For example the blown diffuser and the engine control. Nobody says anything at Mercedes.'

Red Bull is considering getting out

Helmut Marko does not even rule out a withdrawal from Red Bull: 'We are dissatisfied with how Formula 1 is governed and run. That is why we are also considering an exit scenario if the cost /benefit calculation no longer works.' p>

After the upswing, Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene suddenly doesn't believe in changing the regulations: 'Our job is to attack Mercedes and not to change the rules again.'


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