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Ricciardo in, Kvyat out: & # 34; The straights got longer and longer & # 34;

Ricciardo in, Kvyat out
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S echs straights, two of them over a kilometer length, 18 Curves, 12 of them at right angles. This is not a track for Red Bull. In top speed, Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat were short of the fastest drivers with Mercedes engines between 11 and 16 km /h. 'Plus there are so many 90 degree bends. That's not ideal for us because we are slowly coming up to the straight. And then the power factor plays a bigger role. I had the feeling that the straights were getting longer,' laughed Ricciardo with gallows humor.

Setup change in the wrong direction at Red Bull

Monza is the worst track from Red Bull's point of view. But then Sochi arrives. Also because it is the course with the highest fuel consumption. Ricciardo: 'We'll have to do lift and coast almost every lap in the race. I can only hope the others aren't doing better.' Like Toro Rosso, Red Bull has flattened the wings. 'This is a route on which you actually want to drive maximum downforce.' And why is ToroRosso faster then: 'The car has a little less drag than ours.' The top speeds underline that. Max Verstappen was 3 to 5 km /h faster on the two straights.

For Red Bull, the jump into Q3 was a struggle. Ricciardo made it ninth. Kvyat just missed the hurdle. Although it was only 0.209 seconds slower. 'My car felt good,' said the Russian. 'Only in the decisive attempt did I not get the tires completely into their window. With the few laps in free practice, it was difficult to assess which strategy was better. Should I get the time in the first lap, in the third or maybe only in the fifth? Had I got into Q3, I would probably have tried just one lap. '

Team-mate Ricciardo rebuilt his car for the last knockout lap as far as allowed. 'At first the car understeer. We then played with the wing and the tire pressure. Unfortunately, the shot backfired. From Turn 4 the rear only slid around. I was seven tenths slower in Q3 than in Q2.' The Australian's anger was limited: 'It wouldn't have been better than 8th place today anyway. I hope that we look a little stronger in the race trim, but I doubt that we will make it into the top 5.'


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