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Ricciardo diplomatically in the Red Bull Renault dispute

Ricciardo diplomatically in the Red Bull-Renault dispute
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D Aniel Ricciardo doesn't seem like that to spoil the mood quickly. Or at least nothing can wipe the smile off his face. Not even the quarrels between his employer Red Bull and engine partner Renault.

Ricciardo sees Mercedes ahead in all areas

After the disappointing performance at the opening race in Melbourne, the poison arrows flew from Milton Keynes to Viry -Châtillon. The Renault engine is too weak, unreliable and undrivable. The V6 turbo alone would cost Red Bull a second, so the tenor from the Red Bull camp. In the meantime, the French shot back sharply. Renault F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul even described Red Bull technology guru Adrian Newey as a liar.

'There are a few tensions, but the atmosphere in the team is good,' Ricciardo says diplomatically with a smile . 'It has become a bit frustrated. This team has won four world championships in a row. Of course we wanted to get off to a better start than sixth. Therefore, criticism is also appropriate. But only constructive.'

Ricciardo allows do not lead yourself astray. He believes that even with a more powerful engine, Red Bull would lag behind Mercedes. 'I don't want to compare anyone with Mercedes. Neither the engine nor the chassis. They are in a different category. But I think that we are at least on the same level as Williams and Ferrari from the chassis side.'

Power development of the Renault V6 not linear

The main problem, emphasizes Ricciardo, is the opaque power development of the power unit. 'It's not linear. I step on the gas and suddenly all the power comes with a boost. It's difficult to control and forces us to adjust the setup.'

The Australian is hoping for the GP Malaysia for a slight improvement. 'I think we're taking a step forward here. At least that's how it looks after today's team meeting.'

A new short nose, as reported elsewhere, will not be screwed on at Red Bull in Sepang. This would have required a crash test, but the racing team did not register any tests with the FIA. Ricciardo therefore wants to optimize the existing package. And get back to the level that Red Bull showed in the last week of Barcelona testing, where the RB11 is particularly atwas competitive in the endurance runs.

Ricciardo surprised by Sauber

'Sometimes you have to take one step back and then go forward two steps. If we manage the package like we did in the test in Barcelona, ​​it looks essential Especially in the long run. I think we still lack the speed on one lap. In Australia, despite a good lap, I was more than half a second behind Williams and Ferrari in Q3, 'reports the three-time GP winner.

The Australian wants to attack both teams sooner or later - and overtake them. 'Maybe we can be on par with Ferrari and Williams here. But probably not. We want to be at least within half a second.'

However, the Red Bull driver is also looking in other directions. For example on clean. 'To be honest, they were better in Melbourne than I expected. I thought Nasr couldn't keep up his performance over the run and his tires would eventually collapse. But it wasn't.'


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