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Results F1 GP Bahrain 2018: Results Practice, Qualifying & amp; run

Result Formula 1 GP Bahrain 2018
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N oh the boring Melbourne could the second race in Bahrain met all expectations. In an exciting Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel, who had started from pole position, got the upper hand in the end. The German had already turned for the first pit stop on lap 18 to prevent his pursuer Valtteri Bottas from undercut. Ferrari switched to soft tires and adjusted its drivers to a two-stop strategy.

The competition from Mercedes later changed tires and went to the medium rubbers in order to bridge the distance with one stop. But then Ferrari screwed up Kimi Raikkonen's second pit stop. The Iceman, who had been in 3rd place for a long time, started rolling without the mechanics having released the rear left wheel. To make matters worse, a mechanic was hit by the car and injured in the lower leg.

Ferrari changes strategy

After the chaos in the pits, Ferrari decided to leave its second car on the track. Vettel had to survive 39 laps with the used soft tires. In the final sprint, pursuer Bottas came closer and closer with the harder and fresher medium rubbers. One lap before the end, the Mercedes hung directly in the transmission of the Ferrari. But Vettel remained flawless despite the worn slippers and offered his rival no attack surface.

In the end Bottas rolled over the line just 0.6 seconds behind the Ferrari. Hamilton was only 5.8 seconds short of third place. 'It shouldn't have been more than half a lap today,' said a happy hag afterwards. “We have checkedmate ourselves with the strategy. We actually had no choice but to make two stops. But somehow the tires held out in the end. ”

With ten laps to go, I said on the radio that I had everything under control. But that was a lie. I just couldn't keep up with Valtteri's lap times. I knew he would catch up with me. During the last five laps it was difficult to keep the car on the track at all. It was just enough. '

Hamilton was not dissatisfied after catching up from position 9 on the grid:' I'm happy with 3rd place. That was damage limitation. I lost too much time at the beginning of the race. In the end, that was no longer possible. In Shanghai we should be able to fight the Ferrari better again. It's going to be another close fight for himVictory. '

Sauber scores two World Championship points

Because both Red Bulls were out in the start phase, there were some surprise candidates on the other places. Rookie Pierre Gasly was a sensational fourth with his Toro Rosso. Behind them came Kevin Magnussen with his HaasF1, Nico Hülkenberg in a Renault and the two McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne . The Swiss team thus collected its first World Championship points since the Azerbaijan GP last year. The last counter went to Esteban Ocon. It was the first point for Force India this season.

In the World Championship standings, Sebastian Vettel is now leading with 50 points after his two victories, ahead of Lewis Hamilton with 33 and Valtteri Bottas with 22 points. The other places go to Fernando Alonso (16), Kimi Räikkönen (15) and Nico Hülkenberg (14).

You can find more information about the race in our >> Read live ticker .

GP Bahrain qualifying result: Vettel up Pole position

Sebastian Vettel starts the GP Bahrain from pole position. Kimi Räikkönen took second place for the first pure red row since the Hungarian GP 2017. Lewis Hamilton is only 9th after a transmission penalty.

The color red dominates under the floodlights of Bahrain . After a good training performance, the two Ferrari drivers were also able to convince in qualifying. Sebastian Vettel lapped the 5.412-kilometer desert course in 1: 27.958 minutes. No other pilot made it below the 1.28 mark.

Team mate Kimi Räikkönen was one and a half tenths missing in the decisive final run. Before that, the Iceman had been long ahead of his teammate. Vettel was then correspondingly satisfied: “In my first run in Q3, I threw it away in the finish curve. The second attempt was a copy of the first round - I was just careful to stay away from the curbs at the end. That turned out to be a clean lap. '

After winning the season opener in Melbourne, Ferrari seems to have taken a significant step forward:' The car feels very good. It reacts as you would expect as a pilot. Driving it is a real pleasure. Tomorrow it will be a different story. It's not easy to keep the tires alive here. But I'm already looking forward to the race, 'says Vettel.

Hamilton only starts from 9th place

Lewis Hamilton had no chance of pole position.

Team-mate Raikkonen was not quite as euphoric: “My last run was not ideal. I had to struggle a little with traffic. But the race doesn't come until tomorrow. Let's see what we can do there. “Raikkonen has been on the podium eight times in Bahrain. But he has never celebrated a win in the desert.

Compatriot Valtteri Bottas starts from third position directly behind the Finn. “I more or less got the maximum out of it. The two boys in red were just a bit faster today. We cannot be satisfied with that. So we still have some homework to do. But I expect a very close race, 'said Bottas, commenting on the result.

For once, Lewis Hamilton was unable to intervene in the battle for the best time in qualifying. The world champion was almost 3 tenths short of the Vettel mark. Due to a transmission penalty, the fourth-best time in the end became ninth on the grid.

Hamilton will try to use an alternative strategy to limit the damage. In the second qualifying round, the Briton did not set his best time on the very soft super softs but on the somewhat harder softs with which he will start the race. He should be able to delay the first stint longer than his direct competitors.

Hülkenberg cannot repeat a good Q2 time

sutton- images.com
Pierre Gasly was the surprise of qualifying in 5th place.

The first beneficiary of the relocation was surprisingly Pierre Gasly in the Toro Rosso. The French rookie starts from position 5 in Bahrain. This is how far up front in wasIn the hybrid era there was still no car with a Honda engine. Gasly will share the third row of the grid with Kevin Magnussen in the Haas.

Behind them are Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg and Esteban Ocon in the Force India on the fourth row. But Hülkenberg can't be completely happy with that. His best time from the second qualifying round would have been enough to land ahead of Gasly and Magnussen. But the Rhinelander could not quite repeat the performance in Q3. Carlos Sainz in the second Renault and Brendon Hartley in the second Toro Rosso occupied the last two starting positions in the top ten.

The two McLaren drivers, on the other hand, had to give up in the second knockout round. Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne only start the race from row seven from positions 13 and 14. The good performance of the two Toro Rosso should add to the anger. The Honda racers stand in front of the papaya racers at the home race of the McLaren majority owners.

Verstappen in the gang

Max Verstappen's Bahrain qualifying ended earlier than planned.

Max Verstappen too will not have fond memories of qualifying in Bahrain. Shortly after his fast lap in Q1, the Dutchman got too far over the curbs in Turn 2. The youngster was no longer able to catch the erupting Red Bull. The result was a crash into the gang and only 15th place on the grid.

Qualifying was over surprisingly early not only for Max Verstappen but also for Romain Grosjean. After a mistake in the target corner, the Haas driver tore the hurdle to the second lap. Grosjean had set the same time as Fernando Alonso, who reached Q2, but because the Spaniard had set his personal best a little earlier, Alonso went one more lap.

In addition to Grosjean, the two also missed Williams and the two Sauber the Q2. In 17th place, Marcus Ericsson showed that Sauber is slightly ahead in the battle between the two backbenchers. If Charles Leclerc hadn't made a spin on his last attempt, both Williams would have been pushed into the back row. Leclerc and Lance Stroll form the rear end of the field.

GP Bahrain - result of training 3:Kimi with best time, problems with Vettel

After his best time of the day on Friday, Kimi Räikkönen was able to dictate the pace in the third training session. Sebastian Vettel, however, struggled with technical problems. Mercedes lacked grip in the midday heat.

For Kimi Räikkönen, everything went according to plan in Bahrain in the third free practice session. The Finnish Ferrari driver secured the second best time of the weekend in the dress rehearsal for qualifying. The 2007 world champion lapped the desert course on supersoft tires in 1: 29.868 minutes. Nobody could keep up with that.

Team-mate Sebastian Vettel had to struggle with technical problems in the session. After only 3 laps, the wind deflector on the right-hand side of the car with start number 5 flew off. As soon as the Heppenheimer was back on the track after the 20-minute repair, the pilot complained to the radio about drive problems. As a result, Vettel had to forego a quick run at the end of the session and only ended up in 5th place.

Mercedes drivers looking for grip

The Mercedes drivers made a lot of mistakes in the third training session.

Even at Mercedes, the drivers struggled with problems. Neither Lewis Hamilton nor Valtteri Bottas managed their fast laps with super soft tires without errors and had to be content with places 4 and 6 in the classification. Hamilton came next to the track in the target curve, Bottas had already braked hard at the end of the home straight at the beginning of his best time hunt.

Due to the problems of the competition, the Red Bull drivers were unusually far ahead in the end Time table. Max Verstappen recorded the second fastest time a good half a second behind Raikkonen. Team-mate Daniel Ricciardo was just third behind.

In qualifying, however, we don't expect the Bull cars to be in the middle of the fight for the first rows. Firstly, the conditions after sunset are significantly cooler than in the final training session and secondly, Ferrari and Mercedes can still turn their performance screw a little more.

Hülkenberg leads midfield

The fastestThe car behind the top three teams was Renault in the third practice session. Nico Hülkenberg secured the title 'Best of the Rest' once again in 7th position. The Rhinelander relegated his team mate Carlos Sainz to eighth place by three and a half tenths. Behind him, Pierre Gasly was able to confirm his strong performance from the previous day in 9th place. Fernando Alonso rounded out the top ten.

At the very end of the ranking, the two Williams cars came together. It looks like Sauber can give up the red lantern again after a long time. Marcus Ericsson in the faster of the two Swiss racing cars also left Stoffen Vandoorne's McLaren behind in 16th place. However, the Belgian had made a mistake in his fast lap.

GP Bahrain - result of practice 2: Ferrari dominates floodlight session

Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel drove the rest of the Formula 1 world in the second training session for the Bahrain GP. But the big lead of half a second could be deceiving.

When looking at the timesheet of the second free practice session for the Bahrain GP on Friday (April 6th, 2018) the experts rubbed their eyes in amazement. Kimi Räikkönen drove the fastest lap of the day in 1: 29.817 minutes on supersoft tires. Sebastian Vettel stayed only 11 thousandths slower in the second Ferrari and secured second position in the classification.

Mercedes can't keep up with Ferrari's pace

The big favorites from Mercedes didn't seem to keep up with the pace to be able to. Valtteri Bottas in the faster of the two syllable arrows was missing more than half a second on the red competition. World champion Lewis Hamilton even stayed a good six and a half tenths behind the Raikkonen record. Nobody would have bet on this result beforehand.

But the situation was not as clear as the times make it appear on closer inspection. Lewis Hamilton didn’t always hit the ideal line in his quick attempt and hit Kevin Magnussen's Haas in the final corners. A few tenths that are still in the car were probably lost.

'You were also in a high power mode on your fast lap,' explained Toto Wolff. “We saw that in our GPS data. So I can't say exactly what the balance of power looks like at the moment. 'So Ferrari fans shouldn't open their champagne bottles too early.

Raikkonen with pit stop problem

Kimi Raikkonen had to park his car in the second session.

For Raikkonen, the session did not end perfectly, despite the best time. The Finn had to do without the long run data for the last quarter of an hour. During the pit stop, the mechanics had not properly tightened the front right wheel. The Iceman only had to park his car after a few bends to avoid a major penalty from the FIA ​​commissioners. After the mishap, Ferrari will have to reckon with a smaller fine.

Red Bull was the third party behind Ferrari and Mercedes. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were almost a second short of the lead. The power deficit is even more noticeable in Bahrain than in Australia. Ricciardo also had to survive a moment of shock in the session. Bottas was on a slow lap and didn't notice that the Australian was approaching quickly from behind. Both pilots only narrowly escaped a collision.

Hülkenberg is Best of the Rest

Nico Hülkenberg once again took the place behind the big three. The Rhinelander seemed to be quick to target the desert course. However, he was 1.4 seconds behind the leaders. Just behind the Renault, Toro Rosso youngster Pierre Gasly landed in 8th position. The McLaren duo Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne completed the top ten.

The fastest Haas driver can only be found in 11th place. Romain Grosjean was only a few tenths behind the midfield competition. Nothing seems to have been decided yet for qualifying. Right at the back, alongside Brendon Hartley in the second Toro Rosso, the Sauber and Williams racers landed again. Marcus Ericsson allowed himself the only major spin of the session. After his slip, the Swede fortunately got out of the gravel bed on his own in the first quarter of an hour and was able to continue the test work.

In the gallery we show you the best pictures from the first test day of Bahrain.

GP Bahrain - result of training 1: First best time for Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has secured the first best time of the Bahrain weekend. Red Bull fans shouldn't cheer too early. The meaningfulness of the opening training is extremely limited.

For Red Bull, the training action in Bahrain did not start promisingly. Already in the installation round, Max Verstappen's car rolled out without a drive. An electrical defect forced the Dutchman to get out. With muscle power and the help of a few marshals, the youngster maneuvered hisThe company car was still heading for the garage, but the mechanics there searched in vain for the cause. Verstappen had to book the first session as a total failure.

Ricciardo fastest at the start

For Daniel Ricciardo in the sister car, however, things went much better. A quarter of an hour before the end of the first free practice session, the Australian secured the session best time on soft tires. Ricciardo needed 1,31,060 minutes for the 5.412-kilometer tour of the desert and relegated Valtteri Bottas to second place with a 3-tenths lead.

The Finn was on the road on Friday with the battery that was used after the crash in Australia qualifying was expanded to be on the safe side. An investigation at the factory in England had shown that the energy storage system was not damaged. This has now been confirmed in training. Bottas at least achieved 24 laps.

Behind them, the two Ferraris of Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel landed in positions 3 and 4. Both Scuderia cars were four tenths behind the top brand of Ricciardo. It should not go unmentioned that the Red Bull driver started his chase for the best time much later in the session than the competition in red and silver. At this point in time, the track offered a lot more grip.

Hamilton only in 5th place after an error

sutton- images.com
Lewis Hamilton didn't find the ideal line in the first practice session.

Lewis Hamilton in particular had to struggle with the dusty track. The world champion made a slip in his attack with fresh tires and therefore only had to be content with fifth place - 1.2 seconds behind the front. The title 'Best of the Rest' after the 3 top teams was once again secured by a HaasF1 car. Romain Grosjean ended up in 6th position, 1.4 seconds behind.

The last places in the top ten went to Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz, Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg. In the first training session, the Renault drivers were mainly occupied with trying out new aerodynamic parts. Because the conditions due to the dust and the hot midday sun are not representative for qualifying and the race, which started much laterFloodlights, many engineers used the prelude to test new parts.

In the first few laps of the weekend in particular, many cars were on the road with the brightly colored FloViz paint. At Renault, McLaren and Red Bull, aerodynamic data was also collected using measuring grids. Force India has also announced a new front wing, but there is only one copy. Sergio Perez will debut the upgrade in the second training session.

Those who are not into technical details but into action also got their money's worth in the first training session. The first spin of the weekend was done by Lance Stroll. Shortly after the Williams, rookie Charles Leclerc's nose also pointed against the direction of travel. Both pilots were able to return their cars to the pits undamaged after the involuntary pirouettes.


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