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Results F1 GP Abu Dhabi 2018: Results Practice, Qualifying & amp; run

Result Formula 1 GP Abu Dhabi 2018
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D he best driver of the year also won the last race of the year. Lewis Hamilton left pole position in Abu Dhabi on Sunday (November 25th, 2018). The strategists made it easier for the British to work during the night race in the desert. An early pit stop in a virtual safety car phase in the eighth lap gave Hamilton an advantage that he easily converted into the 73rd Grand Prix victory.

The virtual safety car phase was involuntarily lost Kimi Raikkonen, who rolled out on the home straight with a drive problem. Before that, after a serious accident with Nico Hülkenberg, Bernd Mayländer had to go out on the track with his real safety car. The Renault driver rolled over after a collision with Romain Grosjean, but luckily he was uninjured.

Bottas falls back to 5th place

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For Hülkenberg the season ended upside down.

After the eventful In the initial phase, Hamilton, who had dropped back to 5th place after his stop, only had to wait until one competitor after the other turned off to change mandatory tires. At his own stop under VSC, the Briton had saved so much time that the only task was to get the rubbers over the distance in the long second stint.

Hamilton celebrated victory with donuts on the home stretch. Then he was relieved that the strategy had worked: “Our engineers always talk about an early stop. But then I have to pay for it in the car and bring it over the distance. It wasn't that easy today either. Sebastian put a lot of pressure on. ”

The fate of Valtteri showed that it was not an easy driveBottas. The second Silver Arrows driver was using a conventional strategy, but lost more and more pace over the course of the race. First Sebastian Vettel pushed past. Then Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo's two Red Bulls.

Three teams on the podium

Last year's winner Bottas ended up in a disappointing fifth place. In the World Cup, he even had to let Verstappen pass. Both remained just behind Kimi Raikkonen, who despite the failure was able to defend third place in the classification behind Hamilton and Vettel.

The Heppenheimer was reasonably satisfied to be able to end the season with a podium: “I have gave everything and fought. In between I thought that I could get closer and dare to attack again. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Lewis is the champion this year. And he deserves the title too. We will try to come back stronger from the winter break and to offer more resistance next year. '

Verstappen was also able to shine again after the disappointment in Brazil, although the final race had not started according to plan:' That was not an easy race. My engine went into safety mode at the start. I lost a lot of places there. But we managed to fight our way back forward. In the end, I didn't see anything because I had oil from the Toro Rosso on my visor. So I was very happy that it was still enough for third place. ”

Sainz races from 11 to 6

The best midfield driver was Carlos Sainz in a Renault. With good pace and a late pit stop, the Spaniard made it from 11th to 6th place. Charles Leclerc, who followed the same strategy as Hamilton, had to be content with seventh place. For Sauber it was not enough in the team standings to oust Force India from 7th place, because Sergio Perez easily drove home 8th place.

Because Esteban Ocon retired in the second pink racing car shortly before the end with an engine problem Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen's two Haas racers also scored points. Fernando Alonso narrowly missed the points in his last race despite encouragement from his race engineer in 11th place.

Qualifying result: first row shines silver

Lewis Hamilton won the race in Abu Dhabi Secured eleventh pole position of the season. The world champion starts the race in front of his teammate Valtteri Bottas in the front row. Sebastian Vettel was only third.

As if proof of the old and new world champion's top class was still needed, Lewis Hamilton set a new course record for the 83rd time in his career in Abu Dhabi Pole position. The Mercedes driver lapped the 5.554 kilometer long desert circuit in his last Q3 attempt in 1.34.795 minutes - nobody could beat that.

“It wasn't always easy with this carthis year. I've already established a close emotional connection with him. Today it was especially fun to push the car to its limits, ”said a beaming Hamilton. “My first lap wasn't very good. In the second run, I took it a little more calmly and improved more and more towards the end of the lap. The last sector was really good. It's great to end the season this way. ”

Mercedes record in Abu Dhabi

For the fifth time in a row the same picture in Abu Dhabi: Two Mercedes start from the front row.

Valtteri Bottas in the second Silver Arrow had to admit defeat in the team duel. After all, last year's winner made it to second place, one and a half tenths behind. This is the fifth time in a row that Mercedes has put its two cars in the front row in Abu Dhabi. No other designer in Formula 1 history has managed that.

Of course, Bottas was not entirely satisfied despite the good team result: “Of course, as in the previous year, I was hoping for pole position. But second place isn't bad either. That shows at what high level this team will operate until the end of the season. I lost some time in turns 17 and 18. It's easy to make mistakes in this section. Lewis was just hard to beat today. He did a better job. ”

Vettel wants to crack the silver wall in the race

In the last qualifying of the year, Sebastian Vettel had to be satisfied with third place behind the silver wall. The deficit turned out to be a good 3 tenths. “I really enjoyed it today. I got a good lap in the first Q3 attempt. I was only just behind Lewis. I also managed a decent second lap and got everything out of it, but apparently Mercedes had a little more in store than we did for the last run. ”

Sebastian Vettel could not endanger the Mercedes in qualifying.

But nothing has been decided on the race . Vettel announced a tough fight for the big season finale on Sunday: “I'm already looking forward to tomorrow. We'll give everything to challenge the guys up there a little. I am very confident that we will succeed. ”In addition to Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen will start from the second row in the second Ferrari.

Red Bull once again only remained third in qualifying. Daniel Ricciardo in 5th position and Max Verstappen in 6th place on the grid have to hope that tire wear will become wild again in the race. However, the two Mercedes and the two Ferraris in the Q2 got away with the medium-hard compound ultra-soft, which allows them to start on these relatively durable rubbers. Verstappen is the only driver in the top 6 to go to Hypersoft and expect an early pit stop.

Alonso keeps clean slate

As in free practice Romain was the best midfield pilot Grosjean. The gap was also clear in the last race of the year at 1.3 seconds. Close behind, Charles Leclerc showed his talent once again in 8th place. The last two top ten places went to Esteban Ocon in the Force India and Nico Hülkenberg in the Renault.

Fernando Alonso finished his last qualifying in Formula 1 in 15th place. That the Spaniard did it with the non-competitive McLaren even made it into the second round, but can already be booked as a success. Team mate Stoffel Vandoorne was only able to leave the two Williams behind in 18th place. Alonso has won all 21 duels against the Belgian this year.

Result of practice 3 - first best time for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton seems to be in shape in time for qualifying. In the third training session, the world champion set his first best time of the Abu Dhabi weekend. But you shouldn't interpret too much in the timesheet.

It's the same annoyance in Abu Dhabi every year. While the first and third practice sessions are completed in the hot midday sun, the track in qualifying and in the race is significantly cooler with later start times. The data on tire wear and lap times are therefore only representative to a limited extent. in theIn the worst case, the conditions will mislead the technicians if the setup goes in the wrong direction.

The fans of Lewis Hamilton should not cheer too early about the world champion's first training record. The Mercedes driver drove the fastest lap of the weekend in 1: 37.176 minutes. Kimi Raikkonen as the first pursuer was 0.288 seconds short of the Hamilton mark. The iceman had to stop by the FIA ​​stewards after the meeting because he ran over the white line at the pit entrance. The referees left it with a warning.

Ricciardo again with technical bad luck

Behind him, Sebastian Vettel was followed by the second Ferrari. The Heppenheimer did not get his qualifying simulation together completely error-free, which was reflected in a deficit of a good four tenths. The first Red Bull followed in fourth place with Max Verstappen - a good half a second behind the fastest time. The Dutchman struggled with technology. The batteries did not want to recharge as quickly as desired.

It got worse again, Verstappen's team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. The second Red Bull stopped at Turn 9 with the water pressure dropped five minutes before the end of the session. The mechanics managed the repair by qualifying.

Grosjean in a clinch with Gasly

Pierre Gasly caught up with Romain Grosjean shortly before the end of the session.

The fastest pilot from midfield was named Romain Grosjean, just like the day before. The Frenchman was involved in a collision with compatriot Pierre Gasly just before the end of the session at Turn 17. The Toro Rosso ran into the slow Haas racer in a fast lap. Gasly took one hand off the wheel to send a hand signal, the Toro Rosso crossing the line of the tall jeans car. Gasly's side deflectors went flying.

After the training, Grosjean came to Gasly's garage to clarify the situation in person. The scene was also investigated by the FIA ​​commissioners. In the last race of the year they waived a punishment. Behind Grosjean came those tootwo Renaults from Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz in the top ten. Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez's Force India followed in 10th and 11th, but Ocon lost a lot of training time with a drive problem. The Frenchman only managed 7 laps.

Charles Leclerc also had to make an unplanned repair stop. The Frenchman flew off at turn 19 after half an hour and slipped backwards into the gang. The Monegasse damaged the rear wing. The Sauber was only ready for use again shortly before the end of the session. It was enough for 13th place behind Brendon Hartley in the Toro Rosso.

Result of training 2: Bottas sets the fastest time of the day

Last year's winner Valtteri Bottas went to Abu-Dhabi in the second training session -Grand-Prix secured the best time. The Mercedes driver only just kept the Red Bull duo behind. Ferrari is struggling with a deficit and increased tire wear.

Will Valtteri Bottas still win the first win of the season in the last race of the year? The start on Friday (23.11.2018) was very promising for the Finn. In the second practice session, the fourth place in the World Championship turned the fastest lap of the day in 1: 37.236 minutes. As usual, Mercedes did not turn the engines up to full power.

Max Verstappen had to admit defeat after his best time in the first session. With 44 thousandths, the Red Bull driver was only second in the ranking. It was also Verstappen who created the most spectacular scene: shortly after the start of the session, the Dutchman took the high curbs a little too aggressively before the target curve. The car hit the underbody and slid along the curb like a skateboard without the pilot being able to intervene.

Good day for Red Bull

Red Bull
Red Bull is also in good shape in Abu Dhabi.

During the involuntary stunt performance, Verstappen damaged the front wing and the wooden plank on the underside of his car, which resulted in a 20-minute repair break. Despite the delay, the 21-year-old managed to keep teammate Daniel Ricciardo in check in the end. The Australian landed just under two tenths behind on theThird position.

The conclusion was positive for both pilots: “From the first lap I hardly had any reason to complain. The car works really well here, ”said Verstappen with a smile. Ricciardo added: “That was a good day. Hopefully it stays that way. I think we have an advantage in terms of tire wear. The hotter the conditions, the better it is for us. ”

As always, we have to say at this point that Red Bull will lose a few tenths in qualifying compared to Mercedes and Ferrari because of the horsepower disadvantage. Lewis Hamilton fans shouldn't be too worried just yet. The world champion recorded the fourth fastest lap just behind Ricciardo.

Ferrari only third force

Ferrari was still struggling with problems in free practice.

Ferrari only presented itself as the third force on Friday training. The deficit of Kimi Räikkönen (+ 0.225s) and Sebastian Vettel (+ 0.333s) was somewhat limited. The increased tire wear, which both drivers complained about on their longuns, provides more cause for concern.

'We are not fast enough yet and therefore cannot be completely satisfied. I hope that will change tomorrow, 'said Vettel with little enthusiasm. “In the race, tire wear could play an important role again. I think it will be very close. ”

The best midfield driver was Romain Grosjean on Friday in Abu Dhabi. For the Haas driver, the gap to the top was already a good eight tenths. Team mate Kevin Magnussen in 9th position was the first pilot more than a second behind the Bottas mark. Nico Hülkenberg with his Renault was able to push himself between the two Haas.

The last top ten position was occupied by Esteban Ocon, who was the 2019 substitute and simulator driver of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff during the lunch break has been confirmed for the factory team. Fernando Alonso also made a good impression. At his farewell performance, the McLaren driver came in 13th in the second practice session. Stoffel Vandoorne was once again unable to keep up with his team mate's pace. The Belgian let himself be from technology problemsslowed down to 18th place only the two Williams behind them.

Result of training 1

Verstappen sets first record

Max Verstappen has won secured the fastest time in the first free practice in Abu Dhabi. The Red Bull driver drove almost half a second faster than the rest of the Formula 1 world. However, the time table of the opening session should be viewed with caution.

The Formula 1 season is inexorably approaching its end. In the last FP1 session of the year on Friday, Max Verstappen recorded a clear best training time. The Dutchman lapped the 5.554-kilometer desert circuit on hyper-soft tires in 1: 38.491 minutes. Only team-mate Daniel Ricciardo could keep up to some extent. The second Red Bull was 0.454 seconds short of the record.

Last year's winner Valtteri Bottas followed in third place in the fastest Silver Arrow with a respectable gap of almost a second. World champion Lewis Hamilton had to be content with the fourth-fastest time a further tenth behind . The Brit surprised his fans with a new starting number in the first session. Instead of the '44', the FIA ​​allowed the reigning champion to stick the '1' on the nose for a race weekend.

The fans don't have to worry too much about the deficit of the Mercedes. Hamilton did complain about the driving behavior of his company car, but in the second practice session after sunset on the cooler asphalt, the cards could be completely reshuffled. As is well known, qualifying and most of the race will only be completed after sunset.

Ferrari will test for 2019

Lewis Hamilton drives in Abu Dhabi with starting number 1.

Ferrari did without in the first practice session also completely on the hunt for best times. The result: Kimi Räikkönen landed just under two seconds behind Force India driver Esteban Ocon and Kevin Magnussen in the Haas racer in seventh position. Sebastian Vettel posted the eighth fastest time just behind.

At Ferrari, the time was used to practice and collect aero data for the coming season. Raikkonen drove one on the first few runs of the sessionComparison of two front wing variants. In one of these, the vertical fins were removed and the end plates simplified, as stipulated in the 2019 regulations. Aluminum grilles fitted with sensors behind the front wheels recorded the air flow.

Nico Hülkenberg missed the top ten in 12th place. At the very end of the field, two veterans found themselves again: Fernando Alonso started his last race weekend of his F1 career for the time being in 19th place. Robert Kubica, who will make his comeback in 2019, had to do development work at the Williams. The Pole was in last place in the timesheet.

Ericsson slips into the gang

Marcus Ericsson provided the most spectacular scene of the first session. 35 minutes after the start of training, the Swede caught the artificial grass with his right rear wheel at the exit of the first corner, causing the rear of the cleaner to break out. When trying to get his vehicle back under control, Ericsson slipped forward into the gang. The pilot was able to get back to the pits with a damaged front wing. After a short break for repairs, he continued his training program.


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