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Result Barcelona F1 test 2018 (day 2): Vettel with the best time

Result Barcelona F1 test 2018 (day 2)
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D er winter has Europe firmly in view. With Spain, too, “Hartmut” knows no mercy. It's not quite as bad as in more northerly climes, but when the cars started the first installation rounds on Tuesday (February 27, 2018) shortly after 9 a.m., the mercury column in Barcelona was still in negative territory.

At the low temperatures, the engineers found it difficult to collect data that could be used. Only aerodynamics tests worked even on minus straights. And so almost all cars moved out in the morning with measuring grids and FloViz paint. There wasn't much action at first. In the first hour, the 10 cars made a total of 16 laps.

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After all, Stoffel Vandoorne managed a personal best in just 37 laps, which was only six and a half tenths below the Vettel mark . However, he was also on the fast hyper-soft tires, which reduces the performance somewhat. The Belgian even displaced Max Verstappen by a thousandth to fourth place. The Dutchman didn't get through the session without any problems either. A leak in the gasoline system banned the Red Bull RB14 into the garage for three and a half hours in the morning.

The fans were also excited about Robert Kubica's first appearance. The Williams test driver still managed 47 laps in the afternoon. The times were not representative with removable temperatures and smaller snowflakes. In the end, the man from Kraków finished in 7th position - one place ahead of regular driver Sergey Sirotkin.

In the gallery we show you the best pictures of the day again.


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