Result Barcelona F1 test 2016 (day 4)

Stefan Baldauf
Result Barcelona F1 test 2016 (day 4)
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G one leaves the classifications of the first 4 days of testing, then as a Mercedes fan you should almost get scared. Ferrari secured the top position in the table on 3 days at the start of the winter tests. At first glance, the announced attack on Mercedes seems to be a reality. But times are to be enjoyed with caution.

Hardly any team has put their cards on the table so far. And with Ferrari and Red Bull there were only two cars on the new ultra-soft tires, which, according to Pirelli, are eight tenths faster than the well-known super soft tires. The secret for the Raikkonen best time on Thursday (25.2.2015) can be found in the rubbers marked in purple.

The Iceman achieved his best time with the ultra-sticky slicks just before lunch. In his qualifying simulation, however, the Finn was around 6 tenths slower than Vettel in his weekly best time on Tuesday. From the Ferrari warehouse you can hear that a Red Bull was probably getting in the way on the fast lap. Unfortunately, recordings cannot prove this.

Räikkönen drives third fastest lap of the week

So Raikkonen's 1: 23.477 minutes was only good for 3rd place in the weekly class. In addition to Vettel, Nico Hülkenberg also drove a tad faster on Supersofts the day before. After all, Raikkonen won the ultra soft duel against Daniil Kvyat on Thursday. The Russian was eight tenths behind the Ferrari on his fastest lap in the weekly final.

Force India test driver Alfonso Celis was also able to shine again on his second outing this week. With super softs and probably a little less fuel in the tank, the Mexican drove in 3rd place - 1.3 seconds behind the best time. Kevin Magnussen was one step harder in the Renault with his personal best. On Soft, the Dane came in fourth, 1.8 seconds behind.

What was more surprising, however, was that the Renault driver was right at the front in the distance classification. With 152 laps he secured the best value of all pilots. Only a quarter of an hour before the end it went no further. Magnussen rolled out and provided the third and final red flag of the session.

Mercedes drives new record distance

Manor drivers Rio Haryanto (slip in Turn 5) and Esteban Gutierrez in the Haas F1 (rolled out in Turn 4) had previouslyprovided brief interruptions. Despite the shortened program, Mercedes set a new record in terms of mileage. Lewis Hamilton (99) and Nico Rosberg (86) achieved a total of 185 laps - or in terms of distance: 861 kilometers.

In the timesheet, Mercedes held back once again. As on the first 3 days of testing, the world championship team only completed long runs with medium tires and a lot of fuel to check the reliability. But the Silver Arrow held out in the final without any problems. With a new nose (including front wing and baffles), Mercedes only caused a little excitement on the technology front.

Technology drama at McLaren

The opposite of Mercedes could be seen in the McLaren warehouse. After the first 3 rounds of installation, the mechanics found a leak in the cooling system. Apparently the leak could not be fixed quickly. Fernando Alonso let his fans wait in vain until the end of the session.

In the picture gallery we have the photos of the day for you again.


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