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Renault's master plan in the engine crisis: Ghosn orders general mobilization

Renault's master plan in the engine crisis
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F he GP China was a debacle for Renault. Two engine failures in the race, one unplanned engine change before the race. A week later, the technicians found out: there were three different defects. That is at least as worrying as the fact that the Red Bull drivers already have the third of four engines in the rear.

Carlos Ghosn joins in

Pessimists already feared that Renault would close the Formula 1 files. The opposite happened. CEO Carlos Ghosn is said to have thoroughly washed the heads of those responsible for the engine department at a crisis meeting in Paris. Then to order a general mobilization. Tenor: Renault has to get back on the road to victory.

The project of its own team was put on the sidelines by Ghosn. Resolving engine disease has priority. Only the budget for this has not yet been approved. There should also be personnel changes in the team of technicians.

Given the large number of problems, it makes little sense to clean up all construction sites at the same time. Stability has priority. According to sports director Cyril Abiteboul, it should be resolved by the Monaco GP. Then the drivability is targeted, and only finally the engine power. Red Bull no longer expects a significant increase in performance in the middle of the season, but only towards the end of the season. Because starting 2015 was not a step forward, but a step backwards.

Renault's weak point is the cylinder head

The third engines are already equipped with new cylinder liners and spur gears. Actually, they thought they were on the safe side with the pistons, but Max Verstappen's engine burst raised doubts again. The turbocharger, the MGU-H and the MGU-K also broke.

The weak point of the Renault six-cylinder is the cylinder head. This is exactly where the Renault engineers want to start now. It is quite possible that the majority of the 12 development tokens will be consumed in this area. At the same time, Mario Illien designed his own cylinder head, which will be ready in the 21st week and then put to the test. In any case, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is sure that there is potential in the package as soon as the engine problems are resolved. 'Kvyat was the fastest in the twisty sector 2. That shows that our car is good.'


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