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Renault's 4th place in danger: Hulkenberg pushes frustration

Renault's 4th place in danger
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R enault must be around the 4th Trembling place. HaasF1 has caught up again. Now only eight points are missing. Exactly the eight points that will be at stake in the appeal hearing against Romain Grosjean's disqualification in Monza on November 1st.

Even if the chances of success for the US team are statistically slim, HaasF1 remains -Team boss Guenther Steiner optimistically: “Then we'll just make it on the track.” After the summer break, the US Ferrari only made a slip in Singapore. At Renault, there is now a method.

The French works racing team has only scored 10 points from the last five races. Nico Hülkenberg is not doing well either. A single point came after the summer break. Two failures, the wrong tactic, a lame car. The list of inadequacies is long, and the frustration grows.

“We are simply not fast enough at the moment. It's hard to understand where the time has gone. The car doesn't actually feel much different than in the first ten races. But it didn't get any faster either. Others do. We're missing the big upgrade that brought us forward mid-season last year. Now we get the receipt for it. ”

Sainz slipstream trick

In Suzuka, Hülkenberg triped himself with his accident in the third training session. With that he went into Q1 with the handicap of a car that was repaired at the last minute. And then flew out immediately. “The lap wasn't even bad. The accident was also out of my head. I drove to the limit and didn't give anything away. ”

Team-mate Carlos Sainz advanced one qualifying lap. Hulkenberg said appreciatively. “Carlos took advantage of the slipstream in the last qualifications. I have to do that in the future too. ”In the analysis, Hülkenberg found that the competitor in his own stable at the last Grands Prix timed his gap to the car in front so skillfully that he still got enough slipstream from the car in front, but not too much in the corners lost a lot in the turbulence.

In Suzuka, this magic window was 4 to 4.5 seconds. “You can see on the GPS how Carlos takes three tenths off me on the straights. I couldn't make up the time in the bends while driving freely. ”

New underbody for Austin

The crash in the third practice session had another consequence. Renault slowly go the partsout. The collision of Sainz at the start in Sochi and Hülkenberg's accident in Suzuka damaged two of the three new underbodies. Hülkenberg then had to drive an old copy. Model Spa.

That may be one reason why the Rhinelander never really got up to speed in the race and, despite the harder tires at the start, had to change tires two laps earlier than Sainz. Shortly afterwards, Hulkenberg gave up for undefined reasons. Renault formulated the reason for failure with 'problems in the rear'. The team is flying in two new floors for Austin. Operations manager Alan Permane groans: 'My freight budget has long been exceeded.'


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