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Renault works team returns: Renault checks 4 teams

Is the Renault factory team returning?
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R enault has never been successful in Formula 1 well marketed. When Red Bull won 4 times in a row with the French engines, Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel were the focus. Nobody talked about Renault. When things didn't go as expected in 2014, Renault was the scapegoat. In the corporate management, one wonders whether the three-digit million sum that Formula 1 devours annually will find a corresponding equivalent.

That is why the sports management is considering whether it would not make more sense to return with its own team. Renault left the factory team at the end of 2009. There is also concern that Red Bull could orientate itself differently if success does not set in soon.

Renault's premium partner has already obtained external expertise. At Ilmor, with the help of the Austrian testing institute AVL, a completely new cylinder head is being built for the Renault V6 turbo. In Paris one looks enviously at competitor Mercedes, who cannibalized their world title with drums and trumpets.

On Renault's purchase list are Lotus, Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso

Renault -Sport director Cyril Abiteboul admitted in an interview with our colleagues from Autosport that they are currently exploring opportunities to get out of the marketing dilemma. The Frenchman is quoted as saying: 'At the moment we are fully dependent on Red Bull. Is this situation sustainable for us in the long term? We cannot answer it with either yes or no at the moment.'

In fact, Renault is already looking for possible landing sites for its own team. Building a new racing team out of the ground is out of the question. That would be too expensive and it would take too long to succeed. That is why Renault is looking into whether it could buy into a team.

Former Mercedes technical director Bob Bell is providing Renault with the data as a consultant. On the list of teams that Renault is currently checking out are Lotus, Force India, Sauber and Toro Rosso.

The greatest chances are given to Toro Rosso. Because it's the only team that has no debt. Because they already work with the team from Faenza. Because the second part of the new racing department goes online in summer. 'Then Toro Rosso will have a state-of-the-art racing factory', enthuses Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

But there are also obstacles. Renault wants a yellow car. And probably not necessarily twoJunior driver. In addition, the French automaker would have to take a lot of money into their hands. That is only possible if you can convince CEO Carlos Ghosn that the advertising value for Renault increases accordingly.


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