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Renault signs letter of intent: Lotus 2016 with Renault engines

Renault signs letter of intent
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I n Japan rinsed Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado with ranks seven and eight a total of ten points to the Lotus account. In all likelihood, the team's tight budget will soon be full. After Renault has signed an option to buy, there is another perspective in Enstone. It will take another 6 weeks until the takeover is finally wrapped up and the project is in full detail. And there is also a little tremor. In the end, CEO Carlos Ghosn hits the green light button. And he will only agree if all the conditions for Renault are met.

Ghosn insists on Renault engines

For example the status of the racing team. Bernie Ecclestone has apparently assured Ghosn that Renault will be a privileged team. However, due to the current Concorde agreement, this is only possible in 2021.

Therefore, according to rumors, the following deal was negotiated: Renault is committed to Formula 1 for 9 years and will be the first to sign the next financial contract to receive higher bonus payments than the world champion -Team from 2005 and 2006 would actually be entitled to. It will be distributed for the first time with the start of a new agreement, and then retrospectively until 2017.

Two decisions have already been made in Singapore: Pastor Maldonado's contract was extended by one year. And the new car will be fitted with a Renault engine. Ghosn had asked for this in the French media. Nick Chester's engineers have a lot to do now. The 2016 model was initially designed for a Mercedes engine due to the unsafe situation. However, the installation data are fundamentally different. The Renault V6 requires a new chassis, new gearbox and a different radiator layout.

Prost's involvement never planned

It has not yet been decided who should lead the team. It won't be Alain Prost. The four-time world champion confirmed this at the request of auto motor und sport . The position of team boss is out of the question for him. Prost is to take over the role of Niki Lauda at Mercedes in the project. The man for big politics. And the link between the racing team and top management.

Prost also revealed that he is not taking over any shares. 'It was never planned that way. I never asked Renault for shares either.' French racing legend advises keeping the ball flat: 'It doesThere's no point in talking about a thing until it's one hundred percent approved. '


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