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Renault F1 engine 2015: The race to catch up with Mercedes begins

Renault F1 engine 2015
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R enault makes you mobile. After the bankruptcy year 2014, when the French engine was still around 60 hp behind Mercedes, they want to be much closer to the market leader in the coming season. For this, the engine has been fundamentally overhauled in the past few months as part of the regulations.

Renault engine revised in many areas for 2015

Like many of the 32 permitted development tokens - almost half The components of the power unit may be modified - Renault did not want to reveal them yet, but the engineers have probably not saved a lot of leeway for the season. The exhaust concept was revised and the combustion chambers modified. For this purpose, variable intake funnels were installed, as allowed by the regulations in 2015.

However, the Mercedes concept with separate compressor and turbo could not be copied in a hurry. But at least the efficiency of the compressor has been improved, says Renault. Hand was also put on the hybrid system. Batteries and electric motors are now designed for a higher load.

In addition, the components are arranged more compactly overall, so that the drive unit can be better integrated into the chassis. Systems and functions have been simplified to facilitate installation and maintenance. 'The development work on the 2015 project started 6 months before the first exit of the 2014 engine,' explains Renault technical director Rob White about the new engine specification.

After the problems that had occurred during the 2014 season , the technicians in Viry-Chatillon had to implement changes relatively late. 'We have improved all systems and sub-systems. We have given priority to the elements that were particularly important for performance.'

Improved engine reliability

Not only in terms of power, Renault could not keep up with the competition in 2014, reliability also left a lot to be desired. Chief Engineer Remy Taffin admits: 'Our record last year was not as we had hoped it would be. But we already worked hard on reliability in the second half of the season and achieved some good improvements.'

Gave In the previous year there were 5 power units per driver, the pilots now have to get by with only 4 drive units. Otherwise it imposes penalties. 'We have alreadyExpected mileage last year, the first apply this year. That means that we tested everything for an output of 4 units per year instead of 5, i.e. 20 percent more than required, 'says Taffin.

Nevertheless, the engineer expects problems in 2015 as well:' With only 4 powers Units, our flexibility is severely limited. If there is a problem with a component, it is difficult to reuse it. '

Renault expects noticeable progress

colleague Rob White is confident that the changes to the engine will result in one noticeable improvement: 'Above all, we have to be reliable, fast and closer to the top. We have made a significant leap forward compared to 2014. However, it is difficult to say where we will stand compared to the competition. We can only say that we are well on the way to achieving our own goals. '

In addition to the technical information, Renault has also published new photos of the 1.6 liter V6 turbo engine, which you can find in in the gallery.


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