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Reliability table: Mercedes is the only team flawless

Reliability table
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E in A look at the statistics says it all. Mercedes has the most wins, points and race kilometers. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg covered 4,823 kilometers of 4,823 kilometers in eight Grand Prix. Ferrari only 4,421 Only one other team can show a clean slate. Williams has never failed either.

The Mercedes customer team is still lagging behind in the kilometer check. Because Valtteri Bottas decided not to start in Melbourne. And because Felipe Massa was lapped twice. Makes a total of 4,507 kilometers. Is it a coincidence that Force India is another Mercedes team in third place. Probably not. Despite Nico Hülkenberg's engine failure in China, he finished fifth in the World Championship on 4,506 kilometers.

Mercedes has a second advantage. The first engine survived 6 races. While the Silver Arrows and its satellites have only used the second of four drive units since the Canadian GP, ​​Ferrari is already in the third. Red Bull-Renault and McLaren-Honda have already exhausted the first penalties for exceeding the quota.

Superiority reduces risk of failure at Mercedes

Mercedes is making double the capital out of its speed advantage. Like McLaren in 1988, Williams in 1992 or Ferrari in 2004. These also convert superior speed into stability. Wherever you can afford it, Hamilton and Rosberg drive with reduced engine power. Which relieves the entire drive train. This reduces the risk of failure. Mercedes can build in half a second of safety during pit stops. This protects against penalties or jammed wheel nuts.

The series winners can also better organize the development schedule. Andy Cowell and his team have postponed the use of motor tokens to the third motor. Brackley engineers can focus on the few weak spots. For example the Ers cooling. You don't have to reinvent the racing car. Ferrari needs more downforce. And a car that is fast on any type of tire. And perfect pit stops. A lot of work at once.

The pressure provokes errors. Vettel's pit failure in Austria is not an isolated incident. 'It was not the first time that we had problems with the wheel nut. We have to fix that,' demands team boss Maurizio Arrivabene. He also doesn't believe in writing off this season and concentrating fully on 2016. 'We did that earlier. There is a team that looks to next year. Most of the time, however, is taking care of our current car.' Arrivabene also knows: If Ferrari gives up early, it concentratesMercedes on the coming season. Then nothing is won.


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