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Reliability: Mercedes only third in the kilometer standings

Reliability vulnerability
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E There is also a table in the Formula 1 World Championship in which Mercedes does not lead. It's the discipline of steadfastness. Depending on which yardstick you apply, Mercedes ranks 3rd or 7th.

In the overall standings, both world champion Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have three zeros. Rosberg crossed the finish line in the last race, but with a wounded car in 14th place. His race engineer Tony Ross had offered him to end the race: 'We had too many problems at once.'

Only one Failure is not due to a defect. Hamilton got out early in Spa because he was hopelessly behind. After the collision with Rosberg, the underbody of his Mercedes was broken. Hamilton lost up to two seconds per lap to the competition.

A defective spark plug stopped him in Melbourne, and in Montreal brakes overheated after the MGU-K failed. Rosberg was stranded in Silverstone with a gearbox failure and in Singapore with a short circuit in a steering wheel cable. In Abu Dhabi, power fluctuations paralyzed the cooling pump for the electric drive.

McLaren is the class leader

Mercedes slipped in 3rd place in the reliability ranking with 10,605 racing kilometers. Behind the class leader McLaren with 11,237 kilometers and Ferrari with 10,704 kilometers. Red Bull finished fourth, just behind Mercedes with 10,561 kilometers.

After failures, Mercedes is also third. Tied with Williams. McLaren and Ferrari were better again with three zeros each. If you only count the defects, things look worse for the world champions. Williams leads with only one technically-related retirement ahead of Ferrari and Marussia (2 each), Red Bull, McLaren and Force India (3 each) and Mercedes (5).

Mercedes was looking for better quality a roller coaster ride behind. In 2010, the brand with the star landed in third place behind Ferrari and Red Bull. Then began a decline to the other end of the table with ranks 7 (2011) and 10 (2012). Last year, Ross Brawn's efforts were successful. Mercedes finished the 2013 season with a total of four clear rounds again in third place.

Better quality control at Mercedes

But the trend reversal did not continue this year. It's probably because Mercedes built a car to the absolute limit. Mistakes happen. AfterRosberg's failure in Singapore cut the running times of all components by 15 percent. Nevertheless, damage smuggled through the system in the final.

Head of Technology Paddy Lowe asks for patience: 'I started improving quality control twelve months ago. It doesn't happen overnight. People make mistakes. It's the processes that need to be changed. The team hasn't had time for that in the past few years. They had to make the car faster to win races. When you can do that, you can take care of the reliability. Ferrari has this one Step taken in the Schumacher era. And they are still the benchmark today. ' Next to McLaren, the team from which Paddy Lowe came to Mercedes.


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