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Rejection of the cheap engine: New engine format for 2018

Rejection to cheap engine
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D he good news first: The leverage of the cheap engine has not missed its effect. The FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and the teams have agreed that Formula 1 will have a new engine format from 2018. It is said to be an efficient hybrid-based motor, but one that is simpler, cheaper and louder. Newcomers should have the chance to be competitive immediately and not have to wait years like Honda. Independent manufacturers should also be able to build such an engine.

The FIA ​​and the four engine manufacturers have committed to defining the key data for the new engine by January 15, 2016. Incidentally, the suggestion came from Niki Lauda, ​​who had already made his peace offer palatable to Bernie Ecclestone at the Brazilian GP.

The Austrian is accordingly satisfied with the outcome of the meeting of all teams with the FIA ​​and Ecclestone: 'It's one good solution for motorsport. We are now going in the right direction. A championship with two different engine concepts would have been madness and would have destroyed Formula 1. ' Lauda suggested that the four engine bosses get together in Abu Dhabi for an initial exploratory discussion.

13 votes against the Formula 1 cheap engine

Nevertheless, the cheap engine is not yet off the table. Even if the Formula 1 Commission has surprisingly clearly voted out the alternative to hybrid drive. There were 13 votes against. Although Force India and Manor abstained and the two Red Bull teams were in favor. Surprisingly, the sponsor representatives Philip Morris and Rolex also rejected the cheap engine.

However, it must be assumed that the FIA ​​World Council will not recognize the vote at its meeting on December 2nd. Just to keep the pressure going until the new engine format is set in stone. For the 4 engine manufacturers who applied for the cheap engine, it is now time to wait.

Red Bull 2017 with Ferrari or Mercedes

The Formula 1 bosses still have to solve one problem. Red Bull and its two teams will only stay in Formula 1 if either the cheap engine or the new engine format comes along. To do this, it must be ensured that Red Bull and Toro Rosso also get engines in 2016 and 2017.

The 2016 season should be secured, even if Renault CEOCarlos Ghosn threatened Bernie Ecclestone to close his engine department immediately if Renault does not join the group of privileged teams in 2021 and receive the corresponding bonus money retrospectively.

For 2017, Mercedes and Ferrari have signaled, Red Bull and Toro To help Rosso. That should make Dietrich Mateschitz positive. If a new engine arrives in 2018, the debut of the new cars and wider tires will likely be postponed by a year as well. The concept was presented to the teams as part of the Formula 1 commission.


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