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Red Bull's winter fairy tale: a feat of strength in 3 months

Red Bull's winter fairy tale
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D as was not an easy task for Red Bull either. Usually the large parts of the car such as the chassis and transmission are signed off at the end of August. Red Bull didn't know which engine would hit the rear of the new RB12 until 2 months later. Not a Mercedes. Not a Ferrari. Not a Honda. The engineers had already designed the first concepts for a Red Bull Honda. Until McLaren ended the action with a final veto.

In the end, Red Bull ended up with the old engine again. It was a blessing for the engineers. They knew the Renault V6 Turbo. Its architecture. His cooling needs. Its weight. The only difference: Red Bull is no longer the disguised factory team, but a customer. And the chassis designers have to take what Renault delivers. However, chief designer Rob Marshall admits: 'The fact that we got a big name with Renault made our job easier.'

Red Bull praises engine partner Renault

Nevertheless, it was a race against time As team boss Christian Horner reveals: 'Exactly one week before the start of the test, the first two chassis were ready. One went straight to the crash test, the other was set up in parallel for the test. Only 2 days later we were through with the entire crash test program. And now we have a car on its wheels that can do 87 laps on the first day. '

And the third fastest time. Daniel Ricciardo was 1.26.044 minutes, 1.1 seconds behind Sebastian Vettel's best time. Horner praises the new car: 'We were able to develop on a good basis. The main focus of the RB12 was to eliminate the weak points of the predecessor. That is why we also speak of an evolution.'

Red Bull refrains from angry comments on engine partner Renault. Chief designer Adrian Newey even sees light at the end of the tunnel. 'It's going in the right direction. There are now better structures, more money and other procedures. You can tell that things are moving forward. Unfortunately, progress with the engine takes a little longer than with the chassis. So we will have to be patient a little longer.' At Red Bull they expect to improve by 1.5 seconds during the year just because of the advances in the engine.

In the gallery we have some pictures of the new Red Bull RB12.


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