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Red Bull: With technology luck to the constructors trophy

First World Cup title for Red Bull
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R ed Bull is the 14th team of the History included in the list of constructors' world champions. This trophy has only been around since 1958, although the Formula 1 World Cup has been held since 1950. The first winner was the English brand Vanwall. 'It is the title for the people who create the basis with their work', beamed Renault engine engineer Fabrice Lom two weeks after the greatest bankruptcy in his technical life.

In Korea the engine failure that apparently shattered all dreams, in Brazil the double victory that rewarded the team of engineers, mechanics, logisticians and caterers. 'For me, the constructors' title counts more,' says Lom. 'The drivers' championship would be just an encore.'

Marko: 'Decades of dream for Red Bull'

With Red Bull, a new name has been written for the second time in a row into the ancestral gallery. 'A dream that has been going on for decades has come true for us,' said team consultant Helmut Marko. Red Bull has only been a team in Formula 1 for six years. But the brand has been a household name in motorsport since the late 1980s. Back then as a private sponsor of Gerhard Berger. The cops' logo was stuck on the Sauber cars from 1995 onwards.

'An unbelievable day, a stone falls from my heart. Didi Mateschitz's vision has come true today,' admitted team boss Christian Horner. Predecessor Ross Brawn was immediately congratulated. Mark Webber thanked all 'chiefs' and all 'soldiers' on the team. 'I would now like to be in the factory to celebrate with the troops there.'

Red Bull clearly superior

Red Bull could have made everything clear long ago not that many mishaps happened during the season. Technical and human. 'They should actually lead the World Cup by 150 points, as superior as they were,' stated Jenson Button. 15 pole positions in 18 races speak for themselves. But it only resulted in eight wins.

Trembling was announced in Brazil again. Until around 35, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber fought a fight on the bend and break. The gap fluctuated depending on how much time the drivers lost while lapping. 'On average, my lead was always 2.5 seconds,' said Vettel looking back.

Renault engine threatened to overheat

From lap 35 Webber struggled with a handicap. The coolant evaporated in the water circuit of his Renault V8. To aTo avoid overheating, Renault had to reduce the pressure in the cooling system. Webber was instructed to reduce the speed. 'That cost him three tenths per lap', calculates Fabrice Lom.

The engine fails for Webber in Abu Dhabi. The risk to use it would be too great. In the final, he now has to make do with an engine that was used in Singapore and Suzuka. Vettel will compete in Abu Dhabi with the Suzuka engine. He also had Interlagos' Friday practice session on the crankshaft.

Newey: 'No more breakdowns than Ferrari and McLaren'

The accusation that Red Bull has too many defects over the Adrian Newey does not accept: 'If you ignore the engines, then we had no more breakdowns than Ferrari and McLaren. Everyone made their mistakes this year.'


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