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Red Bull with a short nose: attack on Mercedes and Ferrari

Red Bull with a short nose
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D he GP Spain is traditionally the big update festival. Red Bull will compete in Barcelona with the largest package. The short nose is finally homologated. It passed the crash test last week. In the fourth attempt at the official FIA test. Together with the internal crash tests, it should have been 13. The nose is like a door opener. Red Bull can now have its RB11 compete in the configuration that was planned from the start.

Red Bull with less crumple zone than Mercedes

In the first four races, Red Bull has one Interim nose been on the way. And thus not with the final aerodynamic package. With the short nose, the rest of the RB11 will change its face as well. A new front wing concept is available in a double pack. In addition, various changes to baffles and in the rear of the car. Team advisor Helmut Marko had already spoken in Melbourne of at least half a second that should be worth the upgrade. It just had to be postponed again and again.

It is particularly difficult for Red Bull to cap its nose. Because compared to the Mercedes and the Lotus, the front axle is around 10 centimeters further back. This shrinks the available crumple zone. On the Mercedes, the center line of the front axle is just behind the front chassis bulkhead (A-A section). With a front overhang of 85 centimeters, a lot of carbon mass is available for energy dissipation. 85 centimeters is the minimum. Theoretically, the nose can protrude up to 120 centimeters.

New engines for Ricciardo and Kvyat

When Red Bull is ahead As short as Mercedes wants to build, the part of the nose is correspondingly shorter. 10 centimeters are lost because the chassis must remain intact in a frontal crash. That makes passing the crash test a doctoral thesis. Incidentally, Ferrari would have the same problem if their nose were shortened.

Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat will compete in Barcelona with new engines. It is the fourth of four. Ricciardo was left with no choice after the Bahrain engine crash. However, engine number 2 may be used in Friday practice. The new Renault units will not be installed until Saturday. Renault has made further improvements in the critical areas of pistons and liners. Tokens have not yet been used. Like Mercedes, Ferrariand Honda too. All engine modifications for Barcelona were approved for reliability.


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