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Red Bull technology animation: tires cover aero updates

Red Bull technology animation
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I n Bahrain, Sebastian Vettel was still the celebrated winner, in Barcelona was only concerned with limiting damage to the world champions. Red Bull did not have an explanation ready afterwards. 'I don't think Williams exactly knows why they were so strong either,' team boss Christian Horner apologized afterwards.

It only seems clear that the answer has to be found somewhere in the new Pirelli tire. 'Anyone who understands the characteristics of the tire and can expand the window in which they work will be quick,' says Horner about the recipe for success this year.

The aerodynamics factor is getting smaller

As a top team, you naturally don't like to see more fluctuations suddenly. The dominance from the previous year is lost. 'You can't imagine that the midfield teams made a quantum leap from last year to this year in terms of aerodynamics. In terms of performance, however, they succeeded', analyzes Horner.

The logical conclusion: ' Aerodynamics are no longer as big a factor as they used to be. ' Should aerodynamics genius Adrian Newey be paid a little less money in the future? Horner laughs: 'Adrian Newey is not just an aerodynamicist for us. Aerodynamics are also still important. But everything has to harmonize and these tires are just remarkably complex.'

Horner: A nightmare for the bookmakers

After all, Red Bull managed to top both World Cup rankings after five races. 'The performances vary greatly from team to team - depending on the type of track, temperature, characteristics of the car and driver. In the end, the consistency over the whole year will be decisive,' Horner is certain.

If you don't win you have to see that you at least score reasonably well. Horner doesn't dare to predict the upcoming races: 'Two races ago Nico Rosberg still dominated China. In Spain he was almost overtaken. It is very difficult to predict the shape of the cars. A nightmare for bookmakers. Monaco is already a lottery. Who knows who will get up there. '

In our exclusive video animation, we have the latest progress made by Bahrain and Mugello in detail. The explanations of the changes to the front and rear are, as always, in theImage gallery.


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