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Red Bull teams fear right now: & # 34; Half good, half bad for us & # 34;

Red Bull
Red Bull teams fear right now
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D as Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is for Red Bull and Toro Rosso is only half a good circuit. Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen fear starvation on the 1.2 kilometer home straight. 'That could throw us backwards at the start,' says Verstappen. The run-up from the start line to the first corner is 900 meters.

The rest of the route is tailor-made for the drivers of the two Red Bull teams. 'Our car likes slow corners. We have good traction. That should help us,' hopes Verstappen. Ricciardo doesn't want to give a final verdict until after Friday's practice session: 'The decisive question is whether the long straight forces us a setup that slows us down on the rest of the route.'

Smooth Mexico tarmac can Red Bull teams help

Verstappen is a little more optimistic. In his opinion, there is a second ally. The slippery asphalt and the possibly too hard tires. 'We're always good when the tires are too hard for the asphalt or when the track is green.'

For the Dutchman, the big question mark is the Renault engine: 'The turbocharger has to turn higher, that requires more cooling. Let's see how the individual teams cope with it. '

Ricciardo is optimistic about the engine question

The risk was worth it. It was maybe the only chance for Red Bull to win another race this season. 'It's always difficult when you have to turn away from a race without a trophy. And it's even harder to know in advance that you have no chance of winning.'

But the toughest test is that the Red Bull - Drivers three races before the end of the season still don't know if they will have a cockpit next year. Ricciardo dedicates himself a dose of optimism to the open engine question: 'The longer it goes, the more confident I am. At least we now know that Red Bull definitely wants to continue. The only thing that matters to usThat prevents us from being given an engine. '


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