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Red Bull team boss Horner in a big video interview

Red Bull's team boss in an interview with auto motor und sport: Christian Horner on the deal with Ford, a tempting offer from Ferrari, the Red Bull handicap for the season and the new RB19.

In terms of sport, everything is going according to plan for Red Bull. Max Verstappen won the drivers' title in Formula 1 in 2021 and 2022. Red Bull also won the constructors' trophy last season. 17 of the 22 Grand Prix went to the racing team from Milton Keynes. Inevitably, the successes will make Red Bull the hunted in 2023 as well. "If we reach 50 percent from the previous season in the form of race wins and points, that could well be enough to win the championship," says Christian Horner.

Red Bull's team boss invited auto motor und sport to the big video interview in Milton Keynes. Horner talks to us about the new Red Bull RB19, which will be more evolution than revolution. "You will notice a family resemblance to the RB18. The RB18 was such a good race car that it makes sense to continue with that philosophy." Especially since Red Bull still sees a lot of potential in its concept that they want to unleash in the new season.

Ferrari interest "flattering"

Horner does not want to commit himself to Mercedes or Ferrari as the big rival of the season. He sees both equally as dangerous opponents on the screen. "We don't underestimate either of them." He talks about the rumors that surround the Ferrari engine and that speak of a possibly drastic leap in performance - despite the homologation of the power unit. And he lets us know that the Scuderia approached him once. Horner calls it "flattering". But he feels too connected to Red Bull.

Red Bull has been carrying a burden since October: a penalty from the FIA. Violating the 2021 budget cap costs the team valuable time in the wind tunnel. Is a repetition impossible? Did Red Bull operate within the rules last season? We ask the team boss.

The team is optimistic that despite the handicap on the development side, we can take on everyone in the new season. Red Bull's technical team should be strong enough to live with the disadvantage. Also thanks to the expertise of Adrian Newey. In an interview, Horner tells us how much time the technology guru actually still spends with Formula 1 – and he praises his technology team to the skies.

With Ford, Red Bull has landed a new partner. Horner explains why the US manufacturer was awarded the contract - and not Porsche or Honda. And he comments on why the majority of teams are blocking Andretti-Cadillac's US alliance. On top of that, we ask Horner if he can imagine that the retired Sebastian Vettel will end up in the management of Red Bull Racing.


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